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Nipples this time


Had this on my todo list for a really long time and had a really hard time to find a solution.

Getting "see-through nipples" without the help of any model. Prompting something with nipples generates bare breasts every time. Normally, you would prompt "nipple-slip", but even that generated bare breasts. And that's not what i had in mind. This one was a really frustrating one, because i never had any success for a very long time, but well, i wouldn't write an article if i wouldn' have found a solution... And here is this (honestly dumb) prompt:


It works on any checkpoint, but strangely not on "real dream". Even with weights, i did not get it to work there.

Now, let's come to the point:

This prompt generates nipple-slips and see-through nipples, sometimes "accidential" nipple-slips or embarrassing nipple-slips (look at their faces. happened at some images).

If you just want to see what it does, don't prompt anything else, but if you want more, it's working on any character lora so far and together with other prompts (naked-apron looks nice with it ).

And now have fun