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Some Python tools to your Aid

Some Python tools to your Aid

Hello everyone,

I have some news to share that marks a significant step forward for our toolkit's accessibility and organization. As the collection of tools I've developed continues to grow, maintaining clarity and ease of access has become increasingly challenging. To address this, I've decided to migrate all my content to GitHub. This transition is designed to improve your experience by providing a centralized location where updates and new tools are readily available and easy to navigate. It's all about ensuring you can find and utilize the latest developments with ease.

(P.S. to the Civitai admins: Don't worry, I'm not leaving Civitai itself. Consider this more like spreading my digital wings a bit further!)

Why GitHub?

I chose GitHub because it's the heart of Open Source collaboration. It allows everyone to view, inspect, and understand my Python scripts before downloading. This transparency builds trust and encourages community feedback and contributions, enhancing the tools with each iteration. Hosting on GitHub means easy access to the latest updates, ensuring you always have the best version at your fingertips, all within a community that values openness and collaboration.

Check Out the Repository

You can now find all the tools, including the newly introduced ones, in the following repository:

What's New?

Here's a quick overview of the tools currently available in the repository. This table will be updated as new tools are added, so keep an eye on it for the latest developments!

  • Collage Creator: Generates a checkerboard pattern collage.

  • Steps Calculator: Calculates advisable repetition count.

  • Tag Replacer: Facilitates batch modification of tags.

  • Combined GUI: Integrates tools 1-3 into a user-friendly GUI. (Removed because useless)

  • Remove_Black: Removes black borders from images.

  • Screencapper: Converts videos into frames with a GUI. (Removed because Outdated)

  • ScreenCapperV2: User-friendly app for creating datasets.

  • ScreenCapper-CLI: CLI tool for Linux to convert videos to frames. (New)

Stay Connected

I invite you to star, fork, or watch the repository for updates. Your feedback, contributions, and suggestions are always welcome and greatly appreciated. Together, we can make these tools even better and more suited to your needs.

Thank you for your support and for being a part of this journey. Here's to many more exciting developments to come!