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Using japanese words for prompts

Jan 26, 2024
generation guide
Using japanese words for prompts

Like the title says...

This is something that i found out months ago since i was just curious. As i am someone who really loves anime since childhood, i was curious on what would happen if i just type japanese names as prompts.

my first choice was "bishoujo" and the result was exactly what i was hoping for, so i tried many other names.

Every word, every name can be used as a prompt, but the effects sometimes differ.

"Sensei", f.e., is a name that totally confuses your checkpoint, since it has no single meaning.

Same goes for other words that can be used for other specialized areas.

"Kodomo", child, as prompt, has an effect that i never understood. Some checkpoints generated a child like you would expect, but only on 2 of 10 images. Basically every time, something that looked like wool, wood or greenery and some more stuff, got generated, and i never understood what that meant.

Or "sakura". A tree but also a name for a person. Checkpoints get super confused if you don't describe anything else but that name.

Every word/name has 1 thing in common: japanese (badum..tsss). And because of this fact, if you don't like to see a japanese person every time, prompt it in negative....

Now let's come to point:

I have a huge list of words to test (every anime-junkie has such a list xD) when i have time and i will update this article with those words including example images.

But if you have words and/or names that you wanna share for testing or you have already tested them and know what they generate or you want to know what they generate, feel free to share them here. I would love to see what your ideas are.

Until next time...

UPDATE: this article will become the same like the one one where i post my findings. at first, i wanted to make this one here a bit more special, but that's just me and something for drawing attention. now, let me share the ones that i found and tested for a while:

"itadakimasu"... some weird mix of food and porn. not joking. checkpoints generated both many times. it's funny and surprising to see what you will get.

"tomodachi"... generates people with high affection and sometimes, on some checkpoints, girls didn't hold back.... you know what i mean...

"daisuki".. i won't say anything what you will get if you know what that word means :D ...worked best without any prompt for any person.

"bishounen"... counterpart of "bishoujo". fun fact: generates ladyboys sometimes on some checkpoints

"kemono" ... furry-generator

"kemonomimi".. animal-ears and super cute girls the whole time

"bakemono" or "ba-kemono" does not work. you get bread or cosplay. just wanted to mention it.

"loli-baba" ... works, but DON'T PUBLISH ANYTHING!!! ("loli-gilf" just for fun. different and unusual results on any checkpoint)

"onsen" ... basic knowledge, but was curious how it would look. but be warned: very high amount of nsfw images will happen on some checkpoints!

"onee-nii-san".. only ever heard in "Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!". generates ladyboys or just boys with breasts or a mix of male and female. all in all a strange mix...

"usagi" ... totally confuses any checkpoint. "uasgi" as in rabbit happens sometimes, but most of the time "usagi tsukino", sailor moon, pops up, or some similar cosplay or bunny-cosplay...

"hentai" ... you already know what will happen...

"megane" ... people wearing glasses or only images with glasses. sometimes characters looked like nerds, so this can be positive or negative

"kamisama" ... all kinds of deities. human, furries, beasts and so on had been generated

"oni" ... very similar to "akuma", generates super nice-looking bad guys. (i know what oni means, but checkpoints often generated only some kind of monsters or bad guys)

"-chan" ... every person with "-chan" at the end gets cutified. "usagi-chan" for example. (strangely every male person very often went into female mode with this prompt)

"gyaru" ... a gal

"tsundere" does this need a description???? :D

and just for fun: "daddy's-little-gyaru-tsundere" generates a super cute mix of a daddy-girl with gal- and tsundere-elements.