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About using my LoRAs on Pixiv

Mar 31, 2024
About using my LoRAs on Pixiv

This is a kindly remind for people who use my LoRAs making Pixiv posts: my Pixiv account was suspended for the following reason

Posts that wrongfully incorporate existing images, etc. into the production process without permission from the creator and/or subject, in such a way as to be detrimental to the creator and/or subject

Most of my pixiv posts are examples for my LoRAs posted here with error fix. I've got no warnings before the suspension and they did not tell me which specific post violated the term. I made an inquiry but got no responses so far (will let you know which LoRA if Pixiv provide more info).

If you are using my LoRAs making a Pixiv post, you should be aware you are using LoRA trained on existing images without permission, and you run the risk of a similar account suspension, for which I am clearly not responsible. I guess almost all the LoRAs are made on "existing images" and few of them got "permission". My LoRAs are not special.

Update on March 31, 2024:

I haven't got response from Pixiv, but some people in a similar situation told me Pixiv was targeting photorealistic AI generated images despite the fact those works are:

1. 100% text-to-image AI synthesized

2. not shota / loli related

3. having no sexual content

I do have a small number of posts using photorealistic images so I guess this is the cause, but the account suspension is still not acceptable since those works align quite well with the guidlines on photorealistic part except they are AI works.

Anyway, I may hide this article shortly as it sounds misleading and more like some grumbling.

I may open another Pixiv account but I won't be surprised if they further tighten their policy on AI works.