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[OUTDATED] There and back again: a Python 3.11 tale. Troubleshooting stable diffusion not running.



My apology for spreading some false information. I encountered an error with stable diffusion automatic 1111 being unable to install torch. A quick google search says that python 3.11 can not support torch. THIS IS FALSE. Torch upgraded to support python 3.11 months ago, but you need to do some digging to find that. I am running a stable diffusion on a linux computer with some older hardware. I updated my computer's software and then stable diffusion stopped working. It so happened that the symbolic link in stable-diffusion-webui/venv/bin/pip was not working with stable-diffusion-webui/venv/bin/python, and consequently stable diffusion couldn't update anything to be compatible with newer versions of python. Running

stable-diffusion-webui/venv/bin/python -m ensurepip

solved the issue.


The short version of it is, as of June 10th: DO NOT UPGRADE PYTHON TO 3.11. Python 3.11 does not support Torch, an essential package for stable diffusion. I spent a lot of time last evening very confused as to why I couldn't get stable diffusion to run. If you have upgraded to Python 3.11, you need to downgrade to 3.10 in order to run stable diffusion. I will publish any updates if stable diffusion starts working again on the latest version of Python