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You are the main actor

Feb 14, 2024
generation guide
You are the main actor

A few weeks ago, i meant that your checkpoints don't know who the viewer is and always decided to generate a character holding a camera or something else to take photos. Well, surprisingly, i found a prompt that describes it the other way around. Your checkpoints will make YOU the "viewer" or "main actor":

"first-person-pov" or "first-person-view" in positive. Both work different.

From here on, you can prompt anything to describe a scene, but first let me tell you what i meant with "main actor":

"getting-photographed-by-viewer" generates a direct interaction with the character in front of you. Characters will pose or even sometimes flirt with you. Perfect to generate couple scenes. Sometimes, if you use "pov"... Well, put any nsfw-based prompt in negative if you don't want to see that. And sometimes, this Image posted by stapfschuh ( will happen, but to be honest; i like it.

You can set locations, you can set different actions, scenes or anything you have in mind you would like to see.

Some checkpoints generated game scenes because of "first-person". If this happens, "3D-rendering" was enough to prevent that from happening.

This article is far from finished, because there are so many ways you can use this with. I will update it from time to time like always.

Until next time...

UPDATE: prompt "a-wild-hillbilly-appears-out-of-nowhere" (hillbilly only as an example. replace it with other characters) together with "first-person-pov"and you will get many funny surprises Image posted by stapfschuh (

UPDATE: because i saw someone who made a lora out of it, my first thought was "first person". and so, here it is: "holding-a-smartphone"

use it with "first-person-pov" and no character description

UPDATE: "first-person-pov-giving-food-to-1girl" ... replace "food" and "1girl" with anything you want to give to anyone (civitai totally refuses to work right now and always crashes the moment i try to upload an image using that prompt. sorry for that, but you have to test it on your own)

UPDATE: "first-person-pov" and describing sex-poses (cowgirl, missionary and so on) is working even on higher resolutions (512x1024 and above). sadly, this is a bit of trial and error as i don't know which checkpoint can handle it. realistic ones seem to have no problems at all with it.

UPDATE: first-person-pov and "cheek-warming-meme" generates that, well, cheek-warming meme. if you use that prompt on some realistic checkpoints and remove "meme", something else gets warmed....... ...... ....

UPDATE: "first-person-pov, valentine's-day-date-inside-restaurant" gets a extremely nice looking valentines's day date with fitting theme. you can add "heart-cake-on-table" or anything fitting for that day. works absolutely perfect on realistic checkpoints. on anime checkpoints you will mostly get weirdness. remove valentine's day and you get a normal date.