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Fusing faces for Celebrity-ish results [Automatic1111 Webui] (SD 1.5)

Fusing faces for Celebrity-ish results [Automatic1111 Webui] (SD 1.5)

1. Basics

The Basic behind Fusing faces is very simple, we just use a promptcommand:


This simple command has the effect that on every generation step another face gets rendered sequentially. At the end it jumps back to the first in the row, like this:

Step 1 - Face1

Step 2 - Face2

Step 3 - Face3

Step 4 - Face1

With the step settings we can decide which face gets render last and dominates the endresult! So, with each step, everything between the square brackets is switched through one after the other. Everything outside the brackets remains unaffected!

2. Mixes/Chimeras

We can use this to fuse two (or more) Faces together. For the Example let's fuse Emma Watson and Emma Stone:

"upper body of [(Emma Watson:0.9)|(Emma Stone:0.9)], short blonde hair, smiling, simple background"

In order to make the Fusion a little easier and not to let one of the very prominent faces become too dominant, I weighted both names down a little. You don't have to do this but it helps.

The first Image ended on Emma Stone, the second on Emma Watson.

Note: Not all Faces will mix well together!

3. Nobodys/OCs

We can use this also to create "Nobodys" or OCs by using a generic prompt (or description):

"upper body of [a pretty woman|Emma Watson|Emma Stone], short blonde hair, smiling, simple background"

By making our generic prompt first in line and letting our steps end on it we get a more-or-less "generic" face with that celebrity-ish quality.

We can even double down to ensure the face gets more "generic" by putting our prompt at the start and the end of the row.

The effect is often minimal but this can help with some very dominant celebrity faces (Like Scarlett Johansson for Example)

4. Androgynous faces

We can also mix genders to get more "inbetween" faces.

"upper body of [a young woman|a young man], short blonde hair, smiling, simple background"

5. Miscellaneous

This works with Embeddings.

"upper body of [arianagrande-ti|annakendrick-ti], glasses, simple background"

Can be used with Addetailer in the Addetailer Prompt field to inpaint the fused face

6. Game

If you made it this far how about a little game? If you want to play just leave a comment what your guess is!

What faces did I use for the cover Image?

Hint: This Image is a "Nobody" ;-)

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