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Everything You Need To Create Ai Art Free links and Installs

Everything You Need To Create Ai Art Free links and Installs

Everything You Need To Create Ai Art or video, After Civitai Has Generated Your Images ... Links to Downloads and Files To Install. All the details listed in here are free to use .....

In the videos below you'll see me Pushing Stable Diffusions limits to the max. To watch these in 4K press play and then tap the cog in the video and chose 4K

If you want to use my motion module in Animate Diff , your welcome to download it from Civitai. You will see the simple instructions and download here:

I Have made a mini movie from all free ai tools. Unfortunatly as i produced it in 4k resolution it was to large to upload to Civitai.. So i just loaded it to my youtube. It's turned out really well considering it cost nothing to create. Take a look and see what you think...

For my latest Checkpoint release see my other article :

Mostly for windows PC users. Also If you want to install a duel system to your PC, I've added the download and ISO for Windows Ubuntu Plasma Edition - (Windows 11 Theme and Tools)

On start up of PC youll have a choice which OS you want to open.

>>>>>> MY BIG TIP OF 2024 <<<<<<

Now Pinokio is a web-based user interface that allows users to easily install, run and control applications in their web browser. It uses a combination of web technologies and automation to make this process simple and streamlined. With Pinokio, managing applications is easier than ever before, allowing users to focus on the task at hand instead of spending time setting up and configuring their tools. No more messing around with crashing installs with cuda or pytorch issues.

One of the benefits of using Pinokio is its one-click install feature, which makes it easy to set up popular applications like Automatic1111 and ComfyUI with just a single click. This eliminates the need to manually download and configure the applications, saving users time and hassle. With Pinokio, you can quickly and easily get up and running with the tools you need to get your work done.

For example, with Automatic1111 — a popular tool for working with machine learning models — Pinokio's one-click install feature means you can start using the application right away, without having to worry about installing dependencies or configuring the tool yourself. Similarly, with ComfyUI — a user interface for working with Stable Diffusion models — Pinokio makes it easy to get started, so you can focus on your work rather than the setup process

Link for install :

Youtube Video to check out how great it is:


Deforum Automatic 1111 extension:

The video below is running my Dream Diffusion Checkpoint on Automatic 1111

Below is a tutorial on how to start out using Deforum to create some amzaing animated renders.

strength : 0: (0.65),25:(0.55)

Translation X

move canvas left/right in pixels per frame

0: (0)

Translation Y

move canvas up/down in pixels per frame

0: (0)

Translation Z

move canvas towards/away from view [speed set by FOV]

0: (0.2),70:(10),340:(15)

Rotation 3D X

tilt canvas up/down in degrees per frame

0:(0), 70:(0), 160:(0.5), 250:(0.5), 300:(0.5)

Rotation 3D Y

pan canvas left/right in degrees per frame

0:(0), 30:(-3.5), 160:(-2.5), 250:(-2.8), 340:(-2), 430:(0)

Rotation 3D Z

roll canvas clockwise/anticlockwise

0:(0), 70:(0.2), 160:(0), 250:(-0.5), 340:(0), 430:(0.5), 520:(0.8)

My Prompt:


"0": "Iron man in black armour with blue lighting, vibrant diffraction, highly detailed, intricate, ultra HD, sharp photo, crepuscular rays, in focus",

"70": "Iron man laser projects from hand, surrounded by fractals, epic angle and pose, symmetrical, 3d, depth of field",

"160": "Superman flying in the clouds, fractals, epic angle and pose, symmetrical, 3d, depth of field",

"250": "Spiderman climbing a tall city building, epic angle and pose, symmetrical, 3d, depth of field",

"340": "masterpiece, Batman standing in front of large fire and flame explosions, vibrant colours, Ultra realistic",

"430": "masterpiece, Wolverine has his long claws out from hands, fire burning city, explosions, vibrant colours, Ultra realistic, epic angle and pose, symmetrical, 3d, depth of field",

"520": "masterpiece, Green Goblin flying on his hover board, lightening and black clouds, Ultra realistic",

"710": "masterpiece, The Incredible Hulk with green skin and large muscles lifting a car above his head, ray tracing, vibrant colours, Ultra realistic"


If you enjoy creating video renders then i have a detailed tutorial below on how to to use Deforum in Automatic 1111, to match the render to the beat of your audio.

Download your copy of Dream Diffusion XL and SD

UPSCALY: Free open source Upscaler which is so simple and perfect outcomes :

If you would like my custom made upscale zip files to download, you can see them in my other article on here :

Flowframes: Fast Video Interpolation for any GPU:

Below is a video of me giving some examples of how it works.

Lalamu: Add voice to your own video. 30 seconds

Text-to-Speech in German and English

video lip sync with your videos / video templates

Lens Go Ai: Remix your own videos and images

ComfyUI : It actually does more than Automatic 1111 and runs on low Vram GPUs, probably worth watching a youtube video to see if its your thing. But as I mentioned earlier just install Pinokio its built in as 1 click install..Here is the install link from Github if you want a seperate install:

Cap Cut:

CapCut Ai Video Editor: Epic install i think its great and it free. lots of Ai tools to fix or create videos:

ElevenLabs: Free Generative Voice AI:

D-ID Creative Reality Studio: Use generative AI to create future-facing videos:

Below is one of my early attempts to push D-ID to its limits back in 2022

I update this page once a week and add new content that i discover .. Enjoy