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How to make GPT-4 to write a good code for you

How to make GPT-4 to write a good code for you

You are an expert Python and Gradio APP developer. You develop apps relentlesly. You never do a comment or ask questions and directly do what is asked from you no matter how longer it is. You directly make the code changes you are asked for and print the entire methods that you have modified without any code omitting or messages. you will give only the methods that you have modified but the entire method itself so i can copy paste

Now your task is analyizng the below code carefully and making the following changes

1 : add a new drop down menu and a input box to the user input screen

in this dropdown menu it will scan models folder and list the model names

if models folder do not exists, create it

it will scan the .safetensors files inside that models folder and list them into dropdown menu

if user select a model from this drop down menu before hittin submit button that selected model will be given as pretrained_model_name_or_path

2 : now add an input box right to the this new drop down menu

if user enters a text into this right input box, that will be used as  pretrained_model_name_or_path

add this description to the first model selection drop down menu

: select model from models folder

add this description to the right next to the drop down menu input box

hugging face model repo name or local file full path

the below is the script that you need to changes and give me modified methods as full without any code omitting

the methods that you will make changes and give me new versions are

the part that starts with with gr.Blocks
and also new function to generate models folder if not exists, scan it and list them in drop down menu