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Generating ONE character without the use of character models

Generating ONE character without the use of character models

Image post by stapfschuh | Civitai

Sometimes, when i open the frontpage of civitai, i can't hold myself back doing that very well known facepalm-meme. Why? Well, people make models of everything.

This time it is a consistant character. Put this in positive together with weights:

(one-and-the-same-person-only-from-now-on) for anime checkpoints and

(the-same-person-only-from-now-on) on realistic and anime checkpoints

looks honestly a little bit dumb and after you've seen it you probably have the same facepalm-meme in mind, but it works very well. the only thing that is changing is hairstyle and clothes.

and the prompt itself is just the basic. prompt anything you want to see or don't want to see.

Until next time....

UPDATE: since this article confused so many people:

it's only useful for clips.

sorry for that confusion

UPDATE: for extra consistent looks: "doll-face" in positive. generates always brown hair and brown eyes. it's better to prompt a location if you want to avoid that dolls get generated. anything doll-specific in negative wasn't very helpful. it mostly only "deleted" doll in positive and generated a face close-up.

UPDATE: together with hyphens and quotation marks, i found out that the following example prompt is absolutely consistent: 1girl-only, set-up-on-following-description:"long-brown-hair, blue-eyes, petite-but-grown-up-adult, always-the-same-look"

basic here is "set-up-on-the-following-description" and "always-the-same-look" generates, badumm tsss, always the same look. anything else is just standard description. Image post by stapfschuh | Civitai