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Platform Update & Exclusive Material

Platform Update & Exclusive Material

1. Platform Update:

I think it's about time to explore new platforms where my creations can find home, recently I have moved almost all my checkpoints to Tensor.Art. With this update, users now have another platform to appreciate my work. You can explore checkpoints such as Realistic 5, Unstable V11, and Unstable Illustrator. Give it a look, and see if you enjoy discovering my checkpoints on multiple platforms.

If you are looking to include any of my creations to your site please contact me:

2. Exclusive Material

As of now, certain checkpoints will be exclusively available on Tensor for a limited period. This means they will only be accessible through the Tensor platform initially and will be uploaded to Civitai at a later time. Two exclusive checkpoints are already featured on my profile:


  2. Ethereal Artist

These are the names of the 2 current exclusive models that have been uploaded to Tensor, download and try them!

Images generated the 21st Century Schizoid Artist:Futuristic utopia, Adventure, Aether, Kraken, Car, Nebula, Verdant, Canvas, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Voyage, Lovely, Grateful [:vintage cars:15], (Double exposure:1.3) photo of a noble lady made of mosaic of iridescent crystal glass with sub scattering mirror surface imposing onto transparent tree hollow trunk in living brocade underbust dress made out of flowers, bokeh sky by Peter Gric, Conrad Roset, Brandon Kidwell, Andreas Lie, Dan Mountford, Dan Witz, Agnes Cecile, Jeremy Mann, fine art, super dramatic moonshine, amazing depth, intricate detailed fine cracked surface, stunning atmosphere, mesmerizing whimsical vibrant scenery, complex masterwork by head of prompt engineering, black humanoid made of diamonds, upper body, ((masterpiece, best quality)), ultra detail, glass skin, white electricity coming through cracks, muscular male, 8k Glitch art of a Nautical Woman, at Cityscape, split diopter, ((Vaporwave aesthetic)), (art by Chris Friel:1.0), white hair, detailed background, (Anime Rage pose), (Cracked Skin:1.4), anime style, realistic, photorealistic, green hair, purple eyes, (((sexy school uniform))), wearing a stylish very sexy school uniform, with a funny expression on her face, Hell walker, incoming death, hell, black bloody veins growing and intertwining out of the darkness, oozing thick yellow blood, veins growing and pumping blood, (female body:1.3), vascular networks growing, connecting, (sharp colors:1.3), (Infrared:1.2), ultra detailed, ((ultra sharp)), (surrealism:1.4), (disturbing:0.8), beksinski style painting, (full torso), full body in frame, centered body, (male:1.2), ((intricate details)), (pale gothic evil king), dynamic pose, perfect face, (realistic eyes), perfect eyes, ((dark gothic background))best quality, masterpiece, (detailed:1.2), 1girl, mona, squatting, cutesie, witch hat, science fiction, cyberpunk, purple hair, chromatic aberration, outdoors, city, crowd, faceless crowd","wallpaper, 1boy, solo, male focus, tattoo, monochrome, cyberpunk, (chromatic aberration), detailed background, mechanical parts, cable, indoors

Images generated with Ethereal Artist:

grunge style horror-themed snowman visiting from hell, blacklight makeup, eerie, unsettling, dark, spooky, suspenseful, grim, highly detailed, textured, distressed, vintage, edgy, punk rock vibe, dirty, instant christmas, neon red reindeer, high quality fantasy art of a beautiful raging reindeer made of transparent glass, glowing within, delicate figurine, red nose, kawaii, chibi, adorable, flame eyes, ultra Realistic, Extreme Detailed, beautiful Prism light, neon light, Glass made ultra Detailed transparent raging red reindeer, ultra transparent, wearing glass made transparent luxury Armor, Hyper realistic art skull joker demon concept art portrait by Casey Weldon, Olga Kvasha, fantastical, intricate detail, splash screen, complementary colors, fantasy concept art, 8k resolution, gothic DeviantArt masterpiece, Extremely high resolution details, photographic, realism pushed to extreme, fine texture, incredibly lifelike, cuteby Jean-Baptiste Monge and Greg Simkins, (tilted horizon, masterful, beautiful:1.4), poster art, bold lines, hyper detailed, expressive, award winning, (scenery:1.4), (intricate details, masterpiece, best quality:1.4), looking at viewer, dynamic pose, wide angle view, in the style of nicola samori

Let me know in comments what you guys think of these two checkpoints and their respective styles!