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Feb 2, 2024
generation guide

This time let's make some pixel-art images. This one has a very unique feature: weights are needed but not in any way on how you usually use them.

"retro-videogame-sprite-pixel-style" ... "sprite" is needed because it tells your checkpoint that there has to be something special get generated. if you don't use it, you'll only see something pixelated. And now the weights:

"4-colors, 8-colors, 16-colors" and so on. Up to 1024-colors is possible.

"retro-videogame-sprite-pixel-style" generates characters looking more like C64 graphics.

"oldschool-videogame-sprite-pixel-style" generates characters looking more like Amiga graphics up to SNES graphics.

"videogame-sprite-pixel-style" is working, too. It generates "polished" graphics without many pixels.

If you add "3D-style", you'll get a Nintendo 3DS look.

Resolution should be 512x512. If you go higher, "centered-full-body" has been very helpful on some images, because most of the time on higher resolutions, double-images got generated.

Until next time.