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How to generate a unique images (Krita AI)

How to generate a unique images (Krita AI)

Hope you like this quick tutorial about Krita AI (scribble, prompts)

You know sometimes if you had an idea , you strangle to generate a unique image or exactly what you have in your head. Art is coming from you head(idea) and the only think that you have to do is to print it (draw it,give life etc) to something so the others can see it.

So lets use Krita AI for this

*Krita AI is using ComfyUI to generate art ,also is easier to setup,you just download Krita AI from the officila page, you search Krita AI and from github you donwload and copie some files from Acly/

and you follow the steps

So lets get started

for example i want to create octapus that looks like human

lets try with prompts

In krita i use the Cinematic Photo XL




This is the Prompt Extention cinematic photo of {prompt}, photograph, film, best quality, highres

{prompt} is replace by with our prompt

The Negative is: drawing, painting, sketch, bad quality, low resolution, blurry ,those are default of cinematic photoXL so in prompt mode i can add more negatives


ok i am not satisfied with the result

i can tweak it with the prompts but it will take me some time in order to get a good result

so we choose scribble mode

we choose live(play mode and we start drawing the initial thought for example

so with the Prompt: transparent octapus with big eyes that looks like human body




Sampler Steps:24


i get this (my drawing is better lol)

now we can increase the strength but if we increase to much we will lose our initial drawing aka idea

30%-46% its ok

so we increase to 38%

we get this

i don't like it, so i increase the strength to 46%

didn't make any significant change, but i like the "skeleton" pose

i will play with prompts.

The initial Prompt is: transparent octapus with big eyes that looks like human body

so i tweak it to:transparent octapus with big eyes that have humanoid body,realistic style,hi-res,very detailed,4k

and because we want to be realistic in negative prompts we add:cartoon.blur,low quality,anime,nsfw,breast,painting,cgi,drawing

also i notices that i make some spelling mistakes its octopus and not octapus

so i correct and i get this result.

(it didn't make any significant difference at least that i want to be)

I tweak more the prompt and reduce the strength to 38%, as i add more descriptions to prompt

Prompt:Transparent octopus with big eyes and glass look like human body with transparent skin (redish glass and transparent color body), realistic style, 32K, very detailed, background scientific lab with lights,cinematic prospective

and i add lora for glass look sdxl_glass.safetensors you can find it on here

you need to add to krita AI loras you can watch here how to and give him love

we continue

i change sampler steps to 28

and i get this

its seams ok , i save the image to my layers

now lets have fun

i want to give some dark tone of my image so i will create style for that

to create a style you can see more here

"name": "mre-undead-art",

"prompt": "long forgotten art created by undead artist illustrating {prompt}, tribute to the death and decay. miserable art of the damned. wretched and decaying world. best quality, high resolution",

"negative_prompt": "alive, playful, living. low quality, low resolution"

for example

with the style and the prompt we get this

we upscale our masterpiece

now just for fun i drop my image to fooocus and change the style

you can download fooocus here

some of the style that i choose randomly

Futuristic Cybernetic Robot

Mk Vintage Airline Poster

Artstyle Pop Art

SAI Origami

SAI Craft Clay

Artstyle Steampunk

Pebble Art

Futuristic Cybernetic

Misc Techwear Fashion

MRE Comic

Action Figure

SAI Anime

Character Design Sheet

Adorable 3D Character

'Mk Vitreous Enamel

Mk Bromoil Print

ok you get the point

it took me one whole day to write this post so give me some love

Hope you like my tutorial.