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Status update - February 2024

Feb 4, 2024
Status update - February 2024

Hello everyone!

January was kind of a slow month (only one or two uploads?) but I've been a busy bee.

From the stuff that I want to share first: I'm finally ready to do SDXLs on a big scale.

I have uploaded two new models today. I'm really eager to see if you like them or if you feel they should still be improved. Currently, those come in sizes of around 90 MB (so just like LyCORIS) but I am making along with them also smaller (codename "mini") versions that are around 25-30 MB and are not that far off quality-wise.

I'm finishing some code that will help me generate and organize good samples for models so I should be able to upload normal models more frequently.

You can see the list of all (well, still without SDXL at this time) my models here:

If you wish some model to be uploaded sooner rather than later - just leave me a comment, otherwise I will be uploading according to my method of choice (semi-random? :P).

Recently I've managed to fill in the gaps and every subject has all three models: LyCORIS, LoRA, and Embedding. When I train a new model - I always train all three at the same time. (Why? Check my article: )

As for the subject of the articles. There will be one coming for my SDXL training. no ETA yet. I would love this month but we shall see. My main laptop just died and I need to figure out some stuff out.

There will be another article I am meaning to do and it is about prompting and "quality/special" embeddings. It will take some time because it will be example-heavy but I hope it will bring some nice knowledge in one place :)

Lastly, even though I wasn't as busy at Civitai, I was (and am) still uploading models on my coffee page (

I usually upload around 15-20 of each model type (LyCORIS, LoRA, Embedding) and this week I also started with SDXLs. It is much easier since there is no need for samples and the upload speeds are very good.

My goal is to eventually have all the models uploaded to Civitai and to buymecoffee but there is no surprise that it will be easier to finish that goal on my coffee (via MEGAUPLOAD) page. If you are impatient or just want to support me, here is my page:

As usual, I take requests and put them on my training schedule, so nothing is missed. You can make a priority request via the coffee page and I also take private requests :)

Oh, and last thing - if you wrote to me last month - do not worry, I will go through all the messages that I have and reply to everyone. My time is limited however so I usually do that over the weekends. But if you need to contact me sooner, emails from the coffee page are the quickest way :)