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200k Civitai W + Commission News

200k Civitai W + Commission News

Milestone Reached!

Finally we have reached the 200k download milestone!

I want to thank everyone who has used my checkpoints and LoRAs, thank you for your contribution to this huge number, I hope that at least in one of you I sparked the desire to know more about AI and study/develope it.

The next milestone is set to 500k downloads!

New Commission System :)

On my ko-fi page ( you can now see the commissions tab!

I am currently accepting commissions for LoRAs. Whether you're interested in having your favorite style trained or a specific character, I now train directly on my machine, check out this page to learn more:

By commissioning a LoRA, you not only support me but also receive something enjoyable and unique to own!

Currently I am in serious need of a better GPU to work with, any type of help/support is greatly appreciated! :3