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LIGHTNING XL DREAM DIFFUSION Fastest Most Detailed Checkpoint EVER Is Now Available On Civitai

LIGHTNING XL DREAM DIFFUSION Fastest Most Detailed Checkpoint EVER Is Now Available On Civitai




Running Dream Diffusion Xl Lightining in Img2Img using depth in control net and the Batch file option...... SMOOTH AS BUTTER.

Below is a example render of the speed and detail of what you can expect from Dream Diffusion XL Lightning with a CFG = 1 and Steps = 1

I used RealESRGAN x4plus as high res fix and DPM++2M Turbo as the sampler.

The image with all those settings took exactly 7.2 seconds to generate .

Its lightning but with a turbo charger under the hood.

Thats some magic right there for you

Corret Text from a CFG = 1 and steps = 6

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge forefront of Stable Diffusion technology. Access the most recent iteration with unparalleled convenience; download it promptly from Civitai's trusted platform. The enhanced outpaint feature is engineered to not only meet but transcend your expectations—preparing you to be captivated by the truly astonishing outcomes. Delve into the specially selected gallery of images showcased below, each meticulously chosen to highlight the revolutionary advancements encapsulated within this update. Experience the innovation that promises to redefine the boundaries of creative possibilities.

Add UHD Detail and Text - By DICE

Additionally, incorporate the cutting-edge Lora created by Dice, also referred to as "Add UHD Detail and Text." This ingenious lora is propelling the domain of AI-generated art into an unprecedented realm of ultra-high-definition visuals coupled with an innovative feature that allows the seamless addition of text to images. By harnessing the capabilities of Dices Lora, artists and creators are empowered to produce artwork with incredibly lifelike detail, texture, and clarity, while also having the flexibility to integrate textual elements directly within their visual compositions, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and communicative potential of their artistic creations. With this sophisticated tool at your disposal, the boundaries of AI-assisted art are expanded, opening up a world of possibilities for fine-detail enhancements and the rich, nuanced interplay between visual and textual artistry.

The video below is running Dream Diffusion on Automatic 1111

Below is a tutorial on how to start out using Deforum to create some amzaing animated renders

strength : 0: (0.65),25:(0.55)

Translation X

move canvas left/right in pixels per frame

0: (0)

Translation Y

move canvas up/down in pixels per frame

0: (0)

Translation Z

move canvas towards/away from view [speed set by FOV]

0: (0.2),70:(10),340:(15)

Rotation 3D X

tilt canvas up/down in degrees per frame

0:(0), 70:(0), 160:(0.5), 250:(0.5), 300:(0.5)

Rotation 3D Y

pan canvas left/right in degrees per frame

0:(0), 30:(-3.5), 160:(-2.5), 250:(-2.8), 340:(-2), 430:(0)

Rotation 3D Z

roll canvas clockwise/anticlockwise

0:(0), 70:(0.2), 160:(0), 250:(-0.5), 340:(0), 430:(0.5), 520:(0.8)

My Prompt:


"0": "Iron man in black armour with blue lighting, vibrant diffraction, highly detailed, intricate, ultra HD, sharp photo, crepuscular rays, in focus",

"70": "Iron man laser projects from hand, surrounded by fractals, epic angle and pose, symmetrical, 3d, depth of field",

"160": "Superman flying in the clouds, fractals, epic angle and pose, symmetrical, 3d, depth of field",

"250": "Spiderman climbing a tall city building, epic angle and pose, symmetrical, 3d, depth of field",

"340": "masterpiece, Batman standing in front of large fire and flame explosions, vibrant colours, Ultra realistic",

"430": "masterpiece, Wolverine has his long claws out from hands, fire burning city, explosions, vibrant colours, Ultra realistic, epic angle and pose, symmetrical, 3d, depth of field",

"520": "masterpiece, Green Goblin flying on his hover board, lightening and black clouds, Ultra realistic",

"710": "masterpiece, The Incredible Hulk with green skin and large muscles lifting a car above his head, ray tracing, vibrant colours, Ultra realistic"


If you enjoy advanced animated rendering and want to know how to make the render move to the beat of your music then see the tutorial below.

To watch these in 4K press play and then tap the cog in the video and chose 4K

All orignal Images below were created by myself on Civitai. If you want any of the prompts or my model collection, you can find them all on my profile : DiceAiDevelopment

Below are the before and after images: