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PicX_real - image creation contest /final round (finished)

PicX_real - image creation contest /final round (finished)

I am announcing final round of contests for creating an image using PicX_real (х3 awards!).


  • an image with a twist (not just portrait/upperbody in different poses and the like, where just a girl is just dressed/undressed - it should be something different, demonstrating imagination and creative approach: it may be an unusual angle, a sudden combination of some entities, something that we rarely see in the civitai feed and that we would like to see there more often)


  • participation: 09-20.02

  • results: 21.02


  • 1st place (1 award) - 9000 buzz

  • 2st place (2 awards) - 3000 buzz

  • 3st place (3 awards) - 1500 buzz

Bounty links:

*since the bounty system does not allow to assign more than one winner, I will transfer the rest buzz directly via tip with a comment about the place

*a deadline is set for a longer period, just so that civitai bugs cannot affect how the contests will be held, the actual dates are written in the description

Winners list.



Finished, the "PicX_real - image creation contest" cycle is completed. Further contests will take place after the release of new content..