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About :

This place is where I'll be keeping all the delicious chocolates, each stored with the utmost care by our celestial hampters suspended in both time and space

so if you have any precious Valentine chocolate that you want safely stored look no further then to post it here and our hampters will take care of it !

Valentine Tech LoRA Quest :

  • [Ai Artisan] How would you go about creating ur own valentine gift ?

  • [Ai Cupid] send some virtual chocolate to ur favorite user / creator

ChocoVault :

--[Ai Cupid]--

masterpiece, best quality, highres, ultra-detailed,  <lora:Darth_Vader-KK77-V1:0.4> darth vader, <lora:ValentineTech-18:1....

--From "Anakin" to "Padm矇"-- by ReijiKogarashi


--From "Navi" to "You"--


--[Ai Artisan]--


Roboticizer, cyborg hamster made entirely of chocolate

--Harvey the Choc-late Hamster-- by Squeej


(best image quality, great image quality:1.5), picture-perfect, (a distinct and intricate assortment of candied chocolates...

--Sweet Affection-- by BumofLords


--Planetary assortment--