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Surprise-flat-chests on realistic checkpoints

Surprise-flat-chests on realistic checkpoints

Well, this happened so absolutely surprising and coincidential, i couldn't stop laughing. My goal was to generate a prompt for apocalyptic scenes and "remains" of a city. I got what i wanted, but after 3 images suddenly there was a super flat-chested half-naked woman every time. WTF!!! xD

And so i tested "remains" together with some other prompts and got this:

"(((remains-of-a-petite-flat-chest)))" together with "adult"

It totally removes any breast size. All you will see is flatland....

It works on anime checkpoints, too, but its pretty useless, because you can prompt chest-sizes way easier on those checkpoints.

No preview image this time. TOS. Instead enjoy some "vintage-style-dracula" :D

Until next time...

UPDATE: since it's based on this topic, i will post it here:

"fat-tits" in negative also generates absolutely flat chests. Weights can be used, but it mostly worked without them.