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Weights, but not the way you know them

Feb 11, 2024
generation guide
Weights, but not the way you know them

There are very simple ways to get what you want in your images. Ways that you use every day.

"is", "is-having", "has-to", "has-to-be", "must-be" and so on.

This way of prompting "is" acting as a weight, but more useful if checkpoint or lora are badly trained and don't understand what you want to get generated.

You can even prompt "should", "could", "should-have", "should-be", "could-have", "could-be" or anything else in negative. But it's more trial and error. It's also more useful on badly trained checkpoints or loras.

(I put this one in brackets, because i just wanna mention it and don't recommend it: Even exclamation marks can act as a weight, but this is very hard to understand for any checkpoint and i got this only working together with hyphens. Never worked without them. Most of the time it generated only an exclamation mark anywhere on images when used without hyphens.)

Lessons are over. Until next time.