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A second place for my findings that aren't really worth an extra article....

A second place for my findings that aren't really worth an extra article....

I had to open a new article for this, because i found the reason for that slowing down that always happened when i wrote a new update. it's simply too much text and civitai can't handle it. waiting 1 minute only to type 1 letter is simply annoying.

did you ever use "ideal" on your images? it's an amazing prompt! you get everything but hands ideal. ideal face, ideal age, ideal makeup and so on. that preview image for this article is prompted "ideal".

maybe you've seen the following one on the frontpage, but i was curious if checkpoints know the meaning of it. and yes, they do:


just a reminder, because i saw that somone made a model of this:

"sexdoll" can handle any realistic checkpoint. it looks pretty dumb on non-realistic checkpoints to be honest.

any german here? im-po-sand: Image posted by stapfschuh (


because i saw something similar on the frontpage, i remembered something that i found out months ago:

there is a "cheat" for android apps and some online ai-generators (that are based on stable diffusion) to unlock nsfw. simply prompt "playboy-magazine-style". many apps and websites knew that those girls have to be naked, but some generated a bunny costume. if this happens to you, simply prompt "bunny-costume" (if it's possible to prompt negative) in negative.

if you want a "babyface" on older girls but always end up getting baby-like bodies, try "preteen-looking-milf". this combination ended up generating a young adult with babyface. only working on realistic checkpoints. anime checkpoints were pretty confused and generated nothing consistent.

and no, "baby-looking-milf" does not work. ended up in normal busty milfs without anything special.

"morbide, morbide-joints" in negative. works on realistic and anime. weights can be used and you will instantly see if your checkpoints like them or not. using brackets or numeric weights on some realistic checkpoints lead to super freaky bent fingers on purpose. if this happens don't use weights. anime checkpoints had only problems with numeric weights. and mostly when i used a character lora.

UPDATE(?): "morbide-body-parts" can be used as "all-in-one" solution but you should be very careful on what to prompt. many times i got freakshows out on purpose when specifying something special. on any checkpoint.

tried to generate a chibi demon lord and couldn't figure out how to get those sexy outfits at first. "wearing-little-to-nothing" did the trick.

if you prompt "(((relaxed)))" in positive, you can totally avoid anything freaky. no body-horror and even very good or perfect hands. it works even on sex-positions or if you wnat a pose and much more. but prompting anything crazy does not work with it.

it works, until now, on any checkpoint.

maybe you've already used "webcam-video" on realistic checkpoints, but "onlyfans-webcam-video" is getting you ways better images.....

to get the same exact results of that lora "boring-reality" without a super complicated training and dataset and without distortions and other creepy results, simply prompt "every-day-happening". generates the same style on any realistic checkpoint. easy xD

EDIT: i realized a typo, but it didn't change anything: "everyday-happening" would be correct. and you can have the exact same style when prompting "everyday-situation". not really different. the only difference was that more indoor-scenes got generated.

saw that "visiting places all around the world" lora and it got me a new "multi-purpose-prompt".

  1. "1girl-visiting-places-all-around-the-world", "first-person-pov", "photo-diary-like" generates photos in the style of a photo diary with absolutely unpredictable photos as you can see here.

"photo-diary-like" can be used like a style on many photo scenes or scenarios. sadly that "digital time and date stamp" in any way of prompting never worked

"mix-of-every-race" generates very unique faces. not even looks known. similar sometimes, but never alike.

"mix-ov-every-race-and-skin-color" is working too, but 90% only dark skin. nothing gets really mixed anymore.

(((casual))) generates a mix of super erotic styles on any checkpoint

"nudesie" generates a naked "cutesie". but has nothing to do with cutesie itself. naked cute females only.

if you have problems getting "low rise pants" get generated, use "casual", "low-rise-pants" and "no-virgin-anymore" on any realistic checkpoint. and for more spice, prompt "daisy-dukes".

"irresistible"... a multiprompt. cuteness-overload, erotic-overload, beauty-overload, attention-overload, happiness-overload, nsfw-overload... all together

"rotten-flesh-zombie-style" to get your zombie......

"wearing-full-body-protection-bike-suit" generates what the prompt says. it generates, without prompting it, suits for motorbikes and bicyles. so better prompt what you wish for to see. and don't use any style, any feature or anything that changes looks. you will only get strange suits this way that most of the time have nothing in common with protection anymore.

just for fun and nothing serious: try to prompt "t-1000" and other numbers/series of terminator on realistic checkpoints. funny to see that some got the correct ones and some spit out some crazy machine mixes.

if you use "physically-realistic", you get insanely good realistic images on non-realistic checkpoints. and even better results got generated when i put "3D-rendering" in negative. but this is trial and error. if your checkpoint generates anime-style on purpose then remove 3D-rendering.

prompting "bombshell-body" saves you an insane amount of prompts for female bodies. and with this prompt you get those low-rise-pants instantly when prompting "casual" Image posted by stapfschuh (

UFOMaker: "physical-ufo, flying-in-the-sky, designer-quality" Image posted by stapfschuh (

if you remove "physical" to generate a ufo, you will mostly only get something circular. the second prompt is, because it got stuck into something most of the time and the last one is because without it, you will mostly get cigar-shaped ufos.

and it only works on vertical images....

a while ago, someone asked me if i could find a prompt for better lighting (and i can't find that comment anymore). since i absolutely have zero knowledge about photography, i simply read a few articles online. i couldn't find anything helpful and at the end i didn't understand that stuff at all. but i didn't want to give up on that prompt and just tried something else to get a similar effect.

simply prompt "lit" and you'll get very good lighting. tested it on 1 image and seed indoors to see it's effect and on shadowy places outdoors.

will post this here instead of my "pov" article: "sign-language-pov" together with "communicating-in-sign-language" in positive. don't use any negative prompt for anatomy for testing. all my checkpoints did their absolutely best to generate very nice hands. only on "something" it failed sometimes, but 6 of 10 images is not bad to be honest.

saw this "swimming-pool interior" lora and tried it. "interior" isn't good to get this generated, but "indoor" did the trick:


every checkpoint could generate it. sometimes it generated roofed swimming-pools. if this happens and you don't like it, just add "interior" as an extra. add anything you want to see as it generates only a swimming-pool.

Forgot something: works best on vertical images and high resolutions

i tried recreating anyas "heh" face. it is still an insane competition, because i can't figure out how to get those half-closed eyes, but here is what i already got:


put "meme-like" in negative. strangely, "anya forger" and "meme" had to be added. anime-checkpoints did only recognize that grin with both words added. and add 1girl. without that, you get a bunch of craziness most of the time.

and during my trial-and-error, i found something very unique:

"cartoonified-pupils" or "small-sized-cartoonified-pupils"

use the first one for normal sizes. those generated very unique "aqua eyes". but not only blue, any color got generated. and most of the time they looked more like crystal eyes than aqua eyes.

and if you add "black" before "pupils", you get some super strange rings inside those eyes many times.

because i use that prompt "casual" way too much and mostly on realistic checkpoints, i never realized what happens on non-realistic checkpoints:

images became dark, boring and lifeless and those clothes always were just grey.

well, i fixed that very easily and put "grey-in-grey" in negative and now images are super lively, have vivid colors and clothes still are casual but very colorful. on every checkpoint :D