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Point of view or simply POV

Point of view or simply POV

You all know that simple prompt POV and many of my followers have already seen that you can combine it with anything else. And in this article i want to show you combinations using POV and what they do/can generate.

Very important: I tested those prompts only/mostly on realistic checkpoints, because nearly no prompt really worked or worked like i did hope for on non-realistic checkpoints. You still can test them on those.

And some of them only work when prompting another character and/or location.

The only prompt that looks better using non-realistic checkpoints: "lap-pillow-pov", generates a pov-scene where, most of the time, a woman is sitting and looking at you and many times you will only see her lap. Useful for those ear cleaning scenes for example.

From here on, only realistic checkpoints:

"selfie-pov" is very similar to the look of "first-person-pov", but it generates a girl that takes pictures of herself

"mirror-selfie-pov" generates a girl that takes pictures of herself using a smartphone in front of a mirror. no other prompt as description is needed. sadly any tries to get that "one-finger-challenge" did not work until now. tried many descriptions but not even one did work. not even properly.

"lovers-pov", "couple-pov", "man's-pov", "dating-pov"... outdoors or any other location only. without it, you will see a lot of annoying nsfw. it generates couple scenes mostly. sadly, even with an overdose of negative prompts, i had no luck on "holding-hands" without horror. all 4 of them, without prompting anything special, generated mostly the same like "first-person-pov" but those girls acted pretty emotional.

"animal's-pov"... outdoors. without it, you will very often see girls holding an animal or, well, some horror. it generates scenes same like "from-below". Those girls are looking down at you.

"underwater-pov" generates scenes in pov underwater. Good point to mention here is that it never even once generated anything freaky while those girls were swimming around.

"underwater-vaginal-sex-pov".. tried this only for fun at first to see what would happen, but in general it was really interesting what i got. my checkpoints had a very hard time to generate such a scene and it mostly really looked like what sex underwater would look like. clumsy...

and you will get that result very often.

"high-five-pov" or "high-5-pov".. with or without "outdoors" but you must add another character or you'll mostly see pov-hands or -arms making very strange gestures. Most of the time those girls made a high-five gesture only. only 1 of 20 images included a pov-hand and i never got a real high-five without prompting anything else to get it to work. means that you should add any prompt that can help generate a real high-five.

"driver's-pov", "pilot's-pov", "captain's-pov" generate exactly what you have in mind right now after reading them. add "hands-on-wheel" to make it more realistic.

"passenger-pov" generates scenes where you mostly look around while sitting inside a car. "plane-interior", "ship-interior", "ufo-interior", "spaceship-interior", "rocket-interior" and many more can be used.

"alien's-pov" generates basically anything that is not earthly. Scenes in space, scenes meeting other aliens, scenes inside a ufo and more.

"monster's-pov" very careful with that one if you have a weak heart. i really am not joking on this one! it scared the hell out of me! you will see a lot of freaks and really most of the time they make faces to just scare you. it's pretty scary at first but gets super funny the moment you get used to it.

That's all for now. Like always i will update this article if i find more.

Until next time....

UPDATE: "snapshot-pov" is what the name says, but you will never see a character holding anything to take snapshots. and most of the time you will get a close-up.

"webcam-pov" will generate a lot of nsfw-scenes with many different perspectives. indoors, outdoors or no prompt at all always generated the same result.

"video-pov" is like a combination of "selfie-pov" and "webcam-pov". those girls always took some selfie-videos mostly naked. indoors, outdoors or no prompt at all always generated the same result.

"wrestler's-pov" during a fight :D

But it can generate a lot of chaos even with a bunch of negative prompts if you don't prompt anything special you want to see in your images

"ego-pov" is like a combination of a normal pov, a snapshot and "first-person-pov" but with a looooooooooooooooooooooot of flirt-scenes and very few nsfw. "outdoors" is highly recommended.

UPDATE: if you want a singer live on stage with a working and good-looking microphone and a singer that is looking at its audience and not at you, prompt


If that singer is not looking at its audience but at you, prompt "getting-completely-ignored".

UPDATE: "messy-pov" generates a really huge mess. many times a sexual one. it looks super funny what you get on any checkpoint. Image post by stapfschuh | Civitai

"dirty-pov" .. basically the same like "messy-pov" but less messy (sometimes xD)

"funny-pov" ..a lot of funny strangeness

"flying-pov" .. skydiving mostly without a mess

"vr-pov" ... use only that prompt on it's own and you'll get awesome images. prompting any character gets you only someone in front of you wearing that vr-stuff.

"snake-pov" .. add "snake-head" in negative and you get a lamia

"bloody-pov" generates a bloody mess and gore-scenes

"gore-pov" ...use it with care!!!

"drunk-pov" generates many parties, bars, and so on with drunk people

"hangover-pov" ... well, friday night in real life xD

"fucking-pov" generates totally fucked-up stuff. sex scenes, robots, minigirls, strange knights, maniacs, gangbangs, something that looks like a kidnapping in first-person-view and so many more really strange scenes

"fighting-pov" ..fighting in first-person-view

"molesting-pov" ..strange, very strange. i wasn't the molester. i GOT harrassed.

"pov-molesting" ..that's the correct one like it should be

"harassing-pov" harras someone

"pov-harassing" get harrassed by someone

"pov-giantess", "outdoors", "inner-city" generates a giantess. indoors generates a horror-freakshow and inner-city is just for size comparism Image post by stapfschuh | Civitai

"rage-pov" generates a freakshow out on purpose. those characters were screaming like crazy all the time

"calm-pov" .. they were just calm and sometimes sleeping

"shower-pov" your girls while they are showering. sometimes they made a surprised pose because they got watched but mostly they are just staring at you. but most important is that everything got generated insanely perfect

"bath-pov" them bathing or bath together. you have to prompt anatomy in negative! :D

"eating-pov" ...normally, you would expect watching someone eating. and yes, this also gets generated, but many times, on nsfw checkpoints, those girls had their tongue out, many times a veeeeeeeeeeeeeery long tongue, as if they were waiting for that cumshot. they always sat in such a position and made that expecting face. and you should prompt what they should eat. many times it really looked like "2girls1cup" :D

"leading-pov" is a strange one and i can't explain it as there was never, on any checkpoint, anything consistent. instead use "pov-leading" as it generates exactly what you would expect.

"diving-pov" ... use "life-size-body:2" and a direction. i used "forward-movement-from-left-to-right" to tell my checkpoints what to do. any other direction also works. and resolution should be 1024x512. otherwise your checkpoints will try to get that whole body in one image and this ends up generating freaks. also put "insanely-misplaced-limbs:2" and "kraken-limbs:2" in negative to get consitent results. tested many combinations but these two together finally worked.

"drowning-pov" generates a drowning-character. but it looks more funny than realistic, because they always looked like "ah! i'm drowning! ah! what do i do now! ah! will my life end here?". a lot of drama xD

"dreaming-pov" generates a lot of sleeping-beauty-vibes. you mostly will see cute girls sleeping and dreaming. on nsfw-checkpoints it generated a lot of sleep-molestation scnes and also scenes where those girls had wet dreams. looked pretty funny to be honest.

"deep-sleep-pov" same like above, but in this one even if earth would explode, they wouldn't wake up.

"freaky-pov" ...first and most important: prompts for anatomy with heavy weights in negative are a must! after that you get a lot of funny unpredictable scenes. absolutely not recommended for checkpoint "real dream". generated plain boring sex only.

"buttocks-pov" ... no need for a special trained model. add "legs-focus" to add heights. "pussy-focus" or "ass-focus are self-explaining. "standing", "spread-legs" on horizontal images, "spread-legs", "split" on vertical images. tried to get a jack-o-pose with this prompt and tried many vertical resolutions, but it always ended up in a total freakshow. no prompt worked.

"tutorial-pov", but this one is a bit special. it only works on vertical images. add any cam (funniest one is dashcam) and or location or anything else you want to see. add "live-moderation" for video-tutorials. don't add any character. generates always an overload on chats or videos or screens and so on.

"pov-pov" ...this looks and feels like a bodycam filming while being on drugs. you'll get a lot of "first-person-pov" mixed with a lot of weirdness. better prompt "outdoors" or any location to get a stable "confusion". honestly, i wasn't sure if i should publish it. but somehow it would be wasted if i didn't. have your fun with it :D

"submissive-pov" generates characters, mostly only girls, that, well, give you everything in the most aggressive way.... best fun on nsfw checkpoints :D

"hypnosis-pov" generates hypnotized characters. you will only see if it works when they look confused. it generates a lot of nsfw even on non-nsfw checkpoints.

something important that i found out: test those prompts with "1person", too. results change drastically. many times "you are the main actor"....

"spread-legs-pov"... working on horizontal and vertical images. i really can't believe that someone made a spread-legs-lora sigh