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Brackets not used as weights

Feb 19, 2024
generation guide
Brackets not used as weights

When you prompt and use brackets, normally you would use them as weights most of the time. But they can be used as a replacement for this (honestly pretty stupid) "BREAK" prompt.

It also is a replacement for weights in general. It more or less is a "finished sentence".

You can use it exactly as simple looking like this:

(fill this with prompts of something that you want to see first and foremost and close it. use commas in here even when using hyphens) (now prompt what you want to see on your images next and close it) (want to describe a scene or any action? put it between two brackets) (and this goes on and on until you are satisfied and ready to click that "generate" button)....

To say it as simple as i can: if you are unsure on what has to be separate, just put it in brackets. use as many brackets as you want for anything you want to describe. any checkpoint can handle it.

Weights can be used, but they aren't really helpful this way, because they are way too forceful. Just specify everything that you want to see on your images using brackets.

You can use commas between every sentence, but they aren't really needed. Nothing changes using them.

Until next time....

(and no. that preview image has absolutely nothing to do with this way of prompting. i just had zero idea on what image to use. but everyone loves cheese and cute girls, so enjoy both of them together xD)

EDIT: i forgot something very important: with this way of prompting, you CAN NOT load two models or more to separate them in one image. it still gets mixed up into one style or one character. until now, i never found a way to fix this