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Cascade Diffusion for ComfyUI (workflow)

Cascade Diffusion for ComfyUI (workflow)

Cascade Diffusion is now natively supported by ComfyUI

Getting started!

1) Download the attached cascade-diffusion.json workflow file.

2) Install or update ComfyUI.

You must run the latest version of ComfyUI or you will be missing the native Cascade Diffusion nodes.

3) Prepare your models folder.

  • First determine if you are running a local install or a portable version of ComfyUI.

  • Locate your ComfyUI install folder.

  • Locate your models folder

    • If you have a file called extra_model_paths.yaml inside your ComfyUI install folder, open it to check the location of your models.

    • Else your models folder should be inside the ComfyUI install folder.

  • Open your models folder.

  • Check for 3 sub folders. Create them if they are missing. If you are in the models folder listed in the extra_model_paths.yaml , do not forget to add a line for each sub folder you create.

    • clip

    • unet

    • vae

4) Download 4 resources.

5) Open ComfyUI and load the workflow.



Resources origins: