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PicX_real turned 2 months old - hooray!

Feb 22, 2024
PicX_real turned 2 months old - hooray!

2 months is a solid period when it is already possible to sum up some results. I have a lot of impressions, but I'll start with the numbers:

  • 1 million launches in Civitai generator (08.02 it was 43 thousand)

  • 90 thousand downloads (now it is about 2 thousand downloads per day)

  • 4.95 rating with almost 500 reviews (99 out of 100 real users rate this model 5/5)

  • One of the images created with PicX_real is in the top-50 images on Civitai for all time

5 contests were held, and PicX_real has been stolen by other authors at least 2 times, and by commercial services many more times. A huge number of images have been created using it. Many positive (and sometimes negative) comments have also been left, which shows that my long efforts have not gone to waste. This continues to inspire me.

Thank you, everyone! I plan to take a day or two off and then continue working on new content. If you want to congratulate me, you can leave a comment and support me under this post, on my Telegram channel, or on Ko-fi - I would be happy with any of these options.