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Saying Thank you and sharing RealCartoon News

Saying Thank you and sharing RealCartoon News

First I just wanted to thank all those that have followed me, downloaded the RealCartoon Series checkpoints, written reviews, gave good feedback, and even sent some support via Ko-Fi. When first starting this little adventure into image A.I., I had no idea where it would go. I never thought these checkpoints would gain so much popularity. The main RealCartoon3D checkpoint (V1 - V14) has had over 129K downloads and 11k likes and I am amazed.

Doing this has been a learning experience and the funny part is; I have enjoyed making the checkpoints more than actually making the images from them lol (But of course they still had to be good images). I really enjoy seeing what others do with them. :)

Anyway, I really hope that these checkpoints get used by many and keep standing well against others that come next. So now onto the news part of this small article. Creating these checkpoints has taken a lot of time and also my computer I think hates me now (already replaced some things). I am a teacher, so my schedule is rather busy and I also have a that takes time (but it is good time). What I am trying to say (and not doing very well at it), is I will be slowing down my time spent on creating updated versions of the checkpoints. I recently had another child (as many may know from an update of one of the versions); but I also lost this child due to a disease called T-18 (Trisomy-18). Our family got to spend a wonderful month with her and enjoyed every moment of it (thus why I got the updated versions up before she was born in December). Creating these checkpoints has been a blast; but I need to take a break from it. I like trying to push SD 1.5 and I really wish I had more computer power to mess more with the SDXL version of RealCartoon (I try to work on it but it is puts a toll on my computer).

What does this mean? Well, there will not be updates as often (like long while) and I will not be checking as often on updates and such (I try really hard to thank each reviewer, but I may not be doing that like I used too). I need to refocus some things. I do appreciate the support of you all and this does not mean there will never be updates; but it takes a lot to keep up :) So, if I do not respond as fast as I used to....please forgive me.

Something though before I finish this article, there is another version of RealCartoon-Anime coming up soon and RealCartoon-2.5D. I have also another version of RealCartoon3D nearing a finality. These will go up before I take the break as I have already invested lots of time into them. Here are some examples from the newer RealCartoon3D: (played around with the landscape a bit)


(Added this 2/24/24) By the way I wanted to share a photo of my little girl (defied the odds by being born and enjoyed life for a month):