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My checkpoints, because many of you want to know them....

Feb 23, 2024
My checkpoints, because many of you want to know them....

First of all: My main "base" is SD. Not XL, not Turbo, nothing outside SD and no third-party-stuff that mimics SD. SD was, is and will always be the number one and is still mostly unexplored. My goal is to find out what the original can do......

And here my checkpoints:

For pure anime and any prompt: something

For pure realism and any prompt: Real Dream

Animemix and prompt testing: anithing

Furry and prompt testing: One for ALL Furry

Anime lora and prompt testing: anylora

Realistic lora and prompt testing: cornucopia

There are a few more anime and realistic checkpoints for SD and SDXL, but they are mainly for some small tests and not really worth mentioning. Those that i mentioned here work good/very good/perfect with any prompt that i ever published. The first two are my main checkpoints for everything. Both of them never have let me down yet. (okay.."something" can be a bitch sometimes. you already now that if you've read my articles. but that goes only for me, because i overtrained that checkpoint)

Specs to mention:

My sampling method on everyone of them always stays the same: DPM++ 2M Karras. Why? For real results on any checkpoint.

"Steps" are always 20 and CFG 7. HiRes Fix is an absolute NoGo for me and any upscaler never even was used one time....

Until next time....