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Save Civitai articles as HTML or Print them (userscript)

Save Civitai articles as HTML or Print them (userscript)

I found it difficult to print articles from Civitai, so I created this Userscript. It adds two buttons to every* page, allowing users to save the page as an HTML file or print it.

Features & Tips

  • The article is extracted and saved as an HTML file with the article's name.

  • You can read the articles offline on your phone, tablet, or e-reader.

  • To create a PDF, print the article and utilize your browser's 'save as PDF' feature.

  • If the buttons are not visible, simply refresh the page

Download userscript

Changelog Updates

Version 1.0
First beta version

Version 1.1
Save page as clean HTML (for importing in Word etc.)

Version 1.2
Better mobile compatible

Version 1.3
Remove clean HTML export button