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AIPortal - Merging Multiple Scripts into one - Gallery and LoRA Display

AIPortal - Merging Multiple Scripts into one - Gallery and LoRA Display

Greetings, Civitai enthusiasts!

I'm excited to share with you a culmination of my scripting journey and experiences, all bundled into one comprehensive platform: AIPortal. Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, AIPortal is a non-AI script focused on organizing LoRa files and images with ease. This lightweight solution is perfect for hobbyists and professionals looking for an effective way to manage their digital assets without the overhead of complex systems.

Highlights of AIPortal

AIPortal is built to run smoothly on minimal hardware, like a Raspberry Pi 2, utilizing Apache/XAMPP, and only requires the latest version of PHP with no need for extravagant libraries. Its design philosophy emphasizes ease of setup and use, allowing you to get started quickly without the hassle of SQL databases or domains.

Main Features

  • Lora Store Integration: Organize and access your LoRa files effortlessly, with features for metadata extraction and category-based sorting. This ensures that you can quickly find and manage your LoRa files with minimal fuss.

  • Image Gallery: A dedicated space to store and display your images in an online gallery. Sorted by folders and featuring alphabetical organization, the gallery also offers dynamic previews, making browsing through your creations a visually engaging experience.

  • Screencap Gallery: Leveraging the same user-friendly script as the Image Gallery, the Screencap Gallery provides a specialized area for your screencaps, ensuring they're neatly organized and easily accessible.

  • Configurable Through config.ini: Tailor AIPortal to your preferences by adjusting the settings in the config.ini file. This includes menu navigation, titles, and more, offering a customizable experience that meets your specific needs.

  • Simple and Efficient Design: The platform's design is intuitive and eye-friendly, featuring a dark theme that's easy on the eyes, perfect for extended use.

Getting Started

AIPortal is designed to be straightforward to set up and operate. Whether you're running it on a Raspberry Pi or any other compatible hardware, you'll find the process hassle-free. The emphasis on simplicity does not sacrifice functionality, as AIPortal comes packed with features to enhance your data and media management experience.

Working on Update - Gallery Script:

I'm currently working on an update for the Gallery Script. A main feature is an enhanced filtering and tagging functionality.

At the moment, it's powered by CSV files to write tags under the images (clickable for filtering) and a hovering sidebar with quick filters that collect all tags across the gallery.

Once I release it, it will be supported by a SQLite database. This will make it easier to manage and keep it as lightwight as possible.

Tags can be exported directly from the PNG files themselves or by manually setting them.

It might take some time but .... Stay tuned =D