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You are NOT the main actor xD

Mar 2, 2024
generation guide
You are NOT the main actor xD

While i was searching for a pov that could display a head and make it look like some kind of ego-shooter, i found a counterpart for "first-person-pov".

"third-person-pov" or "third-person-view"

you will mostly see the back of a person only. you can still interact with this person, but you have to be very specific. any interaction did work only after prompting "is-having-", "is-holding-", is-watching-" and so on. without prompting this way, i got body horror en masse. but interactions will mostly look the same like "first-person-pov". pretty lame.

anything else is pretty simple. i tried "biking", "hiking", "mountain-climbing" for my tests and never saw any face.

this prompt also can be used if you want a "clearly not looking at viewer" scene.

and at last something for fun: load any realistic nsfw checkpoint and prompt "alone-in-living-room-watching-tv" together with the prompt above and NO character extra, get a batch of 20 images get generated, you yourself should sit very close to your monitor or tv and now click that "generate" button and watch closely......

good old times when flashgames were still a thing :D

Until next time....