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Stable Cascade with SDXL and upscale

Stable Cascade with SDXL and upscale

Special thanks to Cascade plus SDXL ( from inspiration.

Thank you speach1sdef178, Pauluz RTX 3080ti OC 12GB-Nerd, piscabo and NeuraLunk for good words :)

The Stable Cascade theme has been bothering me for a long time, mainly due to the fact that nothing wanted to work :) My GPU is an RTX 3060TI 8GB VRAM. The tested workflow works on full stage_c and stage_b and SDXL models at the same time. Of course, SDXL LORAs do not connect to CASCADE models. In my opinion, Cascade is too random in choosing the words from propmt to use. That's why (in my case) I had to shorten the prompt for Cascade, and I used the expanded prompt later for SDXL.

In my opinion, it is worth extending the image generation by a dozen or so seconds, since the effect is more interesting and we lose less time in post-production.

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