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How to create a Lora with Various Transformations? | Dataset Making✨

How to create a Lora with Various Transformations? | Dataset Making✨

Hello welcome!

Here is a small introduction to this:

These days I've been playing around with using tags, you know, things like generating trigger words for almost everything... and well, I'd never known how to create characters with various outfits or transformations until I made Falin and it was very simple... .

I know there are more ways to do it but this way is so simple that it seems silly to me not to have tried it before that "carelessness" taught me this.

It all started when I was making the concept of Hassan, there I only added tags for Assassin and a couple of girls from Fate, but the tag program did its thing with the images of King Hassan and thus an almost complete Lora was born.

After that I did several tests with other characters and got the tools that will make this process easier for us, for now I will give you the steps and then I will detail them later:

  • Download the images.

  • Separate them by their clothes or designs.

  • Open the labeler and label them.✨

  • Think about the triggering words and process them.

  • Save them in a zip file (it doesn't matter if you put them in a single folder, just try to ensure that the images don't have the same name).

Due to the weight of the zip file, I had to upload the program to civitai from somewhere else, just click download, I have also uploaded it three times so you don't lose it.

Steps 1 and 2

Leaving aside the way of downloading large groups of images with plugins or Grabber, what interests us is the tagger. The one I use is called Dataset Processor Desktop.

Ok, let's explain this better. For the most part, I found that a trigger that repeats more than 30 times helps the AI ​​understand those characteristics but you need a word that differentiates them from the rest, you don't need to create that many triggers, but I recommend it.

Suppose we want a character that is quite faithful to its original design and most of the data is scarce or has many variations, there I recommend adding the word "cosplay", you can put it after the name of the character you are looking for.

But before starting all this, you need to separate them into folders, this will make the entire process easier.

Steps 3 and 4

For this step I will use Klaxosaur Princess as an example due to the huge data set I used in her training. Although he has several transformations, I also included other very different characters in there and added tags like "cosplay" so I could change his clothes without breaking his original design. So first we must separate their clothes, concepts and transformations into separate folders and think about the trigger words for them, for this we will use a program to tag the images. (I will leave it to download).

So, first we will generate all the labels already separated into their corresponding folders and then we will go to the section to process the labels and finally complete this data set.

Final Step

Although it may seem complicated, it is very simple, all you have to do after this is just create a zip file and compress the folders. It doesn't matter if they are united or separated into different zip files, as long as you can upload the images to your Lora creation source.

And well, that's how simple it was to create a lora for various clothes, the result of which I will leave here for you to check. see you later ~

Results Obtained

Well, here are the results of using tags, several came out, three basic designs for 001 and four variations of clothing for Strelizia and as extras are the Franx and the pets. You can try it and see it from here.

PD: (Actually, if you train them naked, something like "cosplay" is not necessary to gain versatility for the clothing, but when you want to rescue the original outfit, this cumbersome process is necessary ~)