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Mix of random craziness

Mar 10, 2024
generation guide
Mix of random craziness

Because i liked the idea to create something just in the name similar from my article "mixings or never seen before races", i tried a bunch of possibilities and created this prompt:


it generates freaky species, because i didn't specialize anything what i want to see.

prompt-anything you want to see between "random" and "species". "random-animal-species", random-dinosaur-species", "random-alien-species" and so on. there are no limits in creativity.

and you can mix everything even crazier by prompting for example


just replace anything you want to get mixed (or messed up xD). for that messed up one, prompt

"mix-of-random-dinosaur-fish-alien-hybrid-species-on-1body" for example.

sadly, for that last prompt, uploads got removed instantly. maybe too much for that bot, but everything else you can see here: Image post by stapfschuh | Civitai

Until next time....