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[RS]pussy series uploaded : what I learned and royalty matter


I am japanese privater just started training Lora a month ago.

For personal use, seeking for drawing pussy reality,

finaly reasonable one is made.

platform : stable diffusion webui

used tool : LoRA Easy Training Scripts

used material pictures : mainly googled ones partly movies from PC HDD

A) learned things

following is what is learned.

a)trained pics - mutated monster rate and realty

pics / monster rate / pussy reality

1) only pussy close up pics(100%) / very high / very high

2) pussy close-up(80) + navel-hip-trimmed pics(20) / high / midium

3) pussy close-up(80) + nose-hip-trimmed pics(20) / low / midium

4) pussy close-up(80) + full face[not trimmed] pics(20) / very low / midium

4)is best result, but model is too identifiable, so not suitable to post here public.

next best is 3), which is posted today.

1) is like picking diamond among mutated monsters,which is very annoying, but once picked the diamond reality is best one.

b)epochs - mutated monster rate and realty

every post is made by 15epochs,[1epoch consists of 15 steps], total 225 steps per 1 picture.

So 100 material pics means total 22500 steps.

epochs / monster rate / posing and pussy reality

05 / depends on a) / flexibl from original

10 / depends on a) / partialy faithful

15 / depends on a) / faithful to original

I felt like below:

loraA_epoch15:0.7 = loraA_epoch10:0.75 = loraA_epoch05:0.8


cfg scale less than 7 is also like smaller epochs, more flexible.

B) royalty problem

even if 3) type does't have face data, it does have body or pussy shape and color data.

strictly speaking, posting 3)type vaiolates royalty problem.

wondering this matter for this month, my conclusion is below.

the pictures I used for traning is googled ones.

everyone can download and edit them.

They are modified for training, changed color, trimmed and cropped into wanted drawing area, changed angle, etc.

and AI's picure has its prompt effect to some extent, so it isn't the lora's original one.

I decided to post here today, but still wondering this matter.

Please notify me if I'm violating royalty matter.

I'll delete my posts.

and please do not use for commercial use.

Thank you. and sorry for bad English.