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Tip for finding resource in Civitai

Tip for finding resource in Civitai

Hi guys, today I want to talk about the problem of finding LORAS or resources on Civitai. In this article, I am going to teach you how to find resources. First, let's discuss Google Dorks, which are techniques for searching information on the internet and indexing websites. How do Google Dorks work? It's simple: I write the following words in Google:


What does "" mean? It means that Google will search for art specifically on the website. The same example can be applied to Reddit or Pexels.
One of the commands used in Google Dorks is "site." We are going to use this command to find information on Civitai.

For example, if I search for LORAS of Ai Hayasaka, the only result is this:

However, when I search in Google using the following command, I find four LORAS of the same character:

ai hayasaka

The first one that appears in the Civitai search engine is the same as the previous result.

The other LORAS do not appear in Civitai.

Therefore, it's a good technique to find more LORAS or information on the page.

Can you tell me if you know any other techniques to search for LORAS in Civitai?

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