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Machinique's Workbench


Decided to start my own blog page to discuss my projects as they come up. If you have an idea for a project, you can let me know in the comments and I'll hear you out.

Style LoRAs

  • The Conspiracy - [Complete for now]

  • The Electric Age - [Complete for now]

  • The War that Never Was - [Complete for now]

    • This one has the potential to expand the dataset and LoRA quality as new Twilight 4K books are released, although the release schedule is quite slow.

  • In the Dark - [Complete for now]

  • Alien RPG Style - [In Development]

    • This one has been a bit of a challenge to get the style transfer accomplished without over-fitting.

  • Future possible projects:

    • Eclipse Phase

      • There's a lot of art available here, but style is somewhat inconsistent.

    • Into the Odd Remastered.

    • Mork Borg & Cy_Borg

      • The style is intentionally inconsistent, but there is certainly a through-line of a "vibe." Would be more of an experimental LoRA or LyCoris as opposed to trying to reproduce the original style.

    • 80 Days (Inkle)

    • Lancer

      • I think it would be an interest style/concept project for making cool avant-garde mecha.

Lovecraft Bestiary LoRAs

  • Cthulhu - [Continuing Development]

    • I'm happy with the current version but I want to try to solve some of the issues that crop up with profile and rear views.

  • Deep Ones - [Continuing Development]

    • Beta1 has been released, but it's kinda unstable. I need to look into hyper-parameter tuning

  • King in Yellow/Hastur - [Continuing Development]

    • Have some ideas to improve on the concept training and allow for more consistency in the tentacles.

  • Elder Things - [Processing Dataset]

  • Nightgaunts - [Collecting Dataset]

  • Nyarlahotep - [Collecting Dataset]

    • Not a fan of the Chaosium character design, but he is pretty popular so I might give it a shot.

  • Chibithulhu - [Collecting Dataset]

  • Mi-go - [Conceptualization]

Other Character LoRAs

  • Project: Zombie Land Civitai - [Collecting Dataset]

    • Branching out on this one. We'll see how it goes.


  • Carcosa - [Collecting Dataset]

    • Dataset is a bit thin, so I may end up canning this one.

  • UFOs - [Conceptualization]

    • I find that many models give a strange umbrella shape to UFOs, as opposed to keeping the classic flying saucer.

  • Mushroom Clouds - [Conceptualization]

    • Found that when trying to generate a mushroom cloud, I got literal mushrooms in the sky, as opposed to an accuracy mushroom cloud shape.

  • Historical Costumes - [Conceptualization]

    • There are a couple historical outfits that I'm somewhat interested in training as clothing models:

      • Roman legionnaires.

      • Napoleonic military uniforms.

      • US Civil War military uniforms.