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Machinique's Workbench

Machinique's Workbench

Just editing this blog as it's a bit dead, but I might start doing some training in the future.
Style LoRAs

  • No longer particularly interested in training style LoRAs for their own sake.

Lovecraft Bestiary LoRAs

  • Cthulhu - [Continuing Development]

    • Will look into retraining this one at some point, as I am not a fan of the existing ones out there.

  • Deep Ones - [Continuing Development]

    • Beta1 has been released, but it's kinda unstable. I need to look into hyper-parameter tuning

  • King in Yellow/Hastur - [Continuing Development]

    • Have some ideas to improve on the concept training and allow for more consistency in the tentacles.

  • Elder Things - [Processing Dataset]

  • Nightgaunts - [Collecting Dataset]

  • Nyarlahotep - [Collecting Dataset]

    • Not a fan of the Chaosium character design, but he is pretty popular so I might give it a shot.

  • Chibithulhu - [Collecting Dataset]

  • Mi-go - [Conceptualization]


  • Carcosa - [Collecting Dataset]

    • Dataset is a bit thin, so I may end up canning this one.