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10 day challenge of uploading artist style on civitai


The record of upload a new artist style or update an artist style version every day.

Day 1:

七瀨葵/aoi_nanase3/Aoi Nanase/Nanase Aoi style

If I do the 100 day challenge I think I am going to die...... :P

Day 2:

(updated)rei_17/零/老累/rei子/理查不接广告不接稿/理查不接廣告不接稿 style

Day 3:

Hiten/HitenKei style

Day 4:

(updated)皐月 恵@Kei Satsuki/kuroe16370547 Style

Day 5:

優子鈴(ゆこりん)/_yukoring/yukoring style (for transparent watercolor anime characters)

Day 6:

ヒトこもる/Hitokomo style

Day 7:

(updated)モ誰/jeonghee1414/modare style

Day 8:

青十紅/ao_beni/aobeni style

Day 9:

TID/tidsean/tidsean0 style

Day 10:

(updated)supica00/すぴか style

Listening to this song when making models....

10 day challenge is done, I have to take a break, then release other models later. If you want to know which artist I will release, please follow me. After you follow, the site will notify you if I upload a new model.