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Endless (FANTASY) Character Generator COMIC STYLE - (Dynamic Prompts / How to)

Endless (FANTASY) Character Generator COMIC STYLE - (Dynamic Prompts / How to)

This prompt can generate male or female, various ethnicities, and various D&D based clothing & classes, in various locations, at various times of day, & various weather <3


Prompt: ((full body)) ({1 man|1 woman}), of ({russian|greek|irish|scottish,english,chinese} descent), ({long hair|short hair|braided|ponytail|single braid}), ({blonde|brunette|redhead|auburn|brown}), (({paladin|rogue|barbarian|ranger|cleric|sorcerer})), ({walking through a fantasy village|sitting by a lake|hiking up a mountain|exploring a cave|standing in a tavern|walking through a valley}), in the ({spring|summer|fall|winter}), ({a moonlit night|dusk|dawn|noon}), ({storm|clear sky|thunderstorm|windy|raining}), beautiful face, (beautiful sky, beautiful clouds), (detailed fantasy background),

(oil painting:1.4), classical art:0.5, ((fantasy art)), muted color:0.15, best quality, good anatomy, good composition, good proportions, good design, dynamic pose, good pose, realistic sky, realistic backgrounds, (cinematic), (cinematic camera angle), dark fantasy illustration, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, detailed, intricate, (perfect lighting, perfect shading), volumetric lighting, subsurface scattering, (high-resolution, highest quality, masterpiece:1.4), (photorealistic:1.5), (mature adult:1.5) (empty hands:1.5), <lora:add_detail:0.15>, <lora:fantasyV1.1:0.25>, (Edmund Dulac:0.35)

Negative: (worst quality, bad art, bad design, lowres:1.4), monotone, greyscale, deformed, ugly, normal quality, average, (bad proportions, bad anatomy, bad composition), (awkward pose, unrealistic pose), ((bad hands, ugly hands, broken hands, (deformed hands), (inverted hands), ((extra hands)), missing hands, bad arms, ugly arms, broken arms, deformed arms, inverted arms, ((extra arms)), missing arms, bad fingers, ugly fingers, broken fingers, ((deformed fingers)), ((extra fingers)), ((missing fingers)), bad legs, ugly legs, broken legs, deformed legs, extra legs, missing legs, bad feet, ugly feet, broken feet, deformed feet, extra feet, missing feet:1.7), (6 fingers), EasyNegativeV2, (bright colors), (((anime_badhandv4,bad-hands-5))), galaxy:0.3, (extra long hair:0.53), (multi-colored armor, multi-colored clothing:1.4), (large moon, tiny moon, extra moons), (interlaced hands), (disconnected collar, detached collar), (splotchy), ((deformed hat, broken hat)), ((extra weapons)), (((clasped hands))), (((extra arms, extra legs))), (dripping:1.2), ((floating buildings)), (contrast:0.4), (underexposed:0.15), (words, text, logo, brand, font, signature:1.5), (((contrails, shooting stars))),

Steps: 25
Sampler: Euler a
CFG scale: 7
Seed: 1187223278 (PUT IT ON RANDOM!)
Size: 512x768
VAE: kl-f8-anime2
Denoising strength: 0.45
Clip skip: 1
Hires upscale: 1.6
Hires steps: 75
Hires upscaler: 4x-UltraSharp

HOW TO DO THE THING!! <========================================

Download this extension:

Download the LORAs:

Install the Extension

Hit Apply & Restart A1111 completely after you install it

Reload A1111

At the bottom of Txt2Img you will see Dynamic Prompts > click the pull down make sure it's enabled.

Leave all the stock settings alone / the same

Paste the prompt and put all the details into their respective areas.

Copy them exactly or you will not get the same output!


Add 2 or 4 or 8 or as many as you want to the BATCH COUNT :D

Make sure you have the LORA & the EMBEDDED NEGATIVES! (if you don't have them already)


If you have any questions feel free to ask. Here's some full size examples: