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What's new this week with Civitai - 5/26/2023



Articles are now live for everyone (many thanks to our testers!)

The articles section is a great way to share knowledge, guides, and tutorials on these resources or to keep your followers up to date with announcements.

If you've made a guide previously we'll be converting them to articles shortly.

New Resource Types

By popular demand, VAE and Upscaler resource types have been added.

Social Sharing

While social media is a cancerous rot destroying our society from the inside, sometimes you just want a quick way of updating the gram. Share resources, images, or articles quickly with the internet strangers you call friends.

Leaderboard cosmetics

Thanks to everyone that entered our contest for leaderboard cosmetics. We've applied them onsite (check your account settings if you're >100 in a leaderboard) not available on Discord yet, but they will be

Resource Spotlight This is adorable. Anger the mouse, become a movie.

Sorely needed!

Fun Stats

- 3,190 New resources

- 10.27M Downloads (11.7PB of downloads)

- 9.7k New reviews

- 11k New comments

- 15k New posts

- 277 New creators

- 64.5k New images

- 169k New image reactions