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The future of human painting: reasoning from clues in art history


The revolution of technology brought new styles of painting; for example, the development and popularization of monochrome cameras brought impressionism.

Because impressionism did the thing that monochrome cameras cannot do: record more colors. And impressionism was strongly opposed by the established power in the art industry at that time. The people who worked a long time to get a skill and earn a nice amount of money, they became huge bullies of anything that might threaten their benefit.

After 1863, things would not be the same: that year, the Salon’s jury accepted less than half of all the pieces presented, only around 2000 out of a total of over 5,000. It was the final straw. The rejected artists’ uproar reached non-other than Emperor Napoleon III who, particularly receptive to public opinion, stated: “His Majesty, wishing to let the public judge the legitimacy of these complaints, has decided that the works of art which were refused should be displayed in another part of the Palace of Industry”. Thus, a simultaneous exhibition took place adjacent to the traditional one at the Palais de l’Industrie and soon became known as the ‘Salon des Refusés’, literally ‘Exhibition of the Rejected’.

Quote from:

Don't you think The Salon Des Refusés is really like this event in Artstation?

Or being huge lunatics of "YOU COPY MY ART STYLE" (without court decision) to suffocate any new creation and new artists. (chinese content of similar events)

But I found out that these insane idiots, hungry for money, attacked someone copying their art style are mostly copied the whole a copyright character without the permission (such as miku) of the copyright holder and used it for selling doujinshi. The only creative thing in them is the slightly altered face shape and color tone. Such as:

(the same artist, Rella did the "YOU COPY MY ART STYLE" drama before:

I mean, if you meet a so-called artist ranting about the AI models using their art, you can check out whether they made the fan art of copyright characters without permission of the copyright holder or not (usually for the fans number and many of them used for selling doujinshi). From this angle, you will find them absurd, funny and greedy.

Based on the rule of technology changing art style, the future of human painting will be about the art style that AI can't do.

And it's more about:

Highly accurate detail

Very high resolution (the SD 512x512 and 768x768 limitations)

High diversity (difficult training model)

Lower price of these accurate detail+high resolution+high diversity artwork because more artists will working for this type.

Seems to be a brighter future.

If you liked an artist, training his art style Lora and sharing it on Civitai could be a way to add his creativity later, the Loras pushes them into something new, I have seen such cases recently after I uploaded may of them. 

And the more thing end these "YOU COPY MY ART STYLE" lunatics.

This is my performance art.