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Save time on XYZ grids by using Auto1111 API


When we do model tests at we generate a ton of XYZ grids, and right now, the process is very slow as each grid can take a few minutes, and when you are generating 10s of them, this can mean hours in front of the computer.

So, we've devised an automated workflow that makes generating XYZ comparison grids for comparing SD checkpoints less painful, replacing the inefficient process via Auto1111’s WebUI with a more streamlined approach using its API.

You can see a very detailed guide with all the resources along with other guides on our blog but here is the overview of the process.

  • Plan out all the prompts, models, and parameters that you want to generate grids for. Here is a template that you can copy to your drive and use for this purpose. (link)

  • Setup a script that will allow you to bypass the WebUI, and, using its API, generate each grid one by one (link)

  • Launch the script, sit back, and in a few hours, review all the generated images.

This script has saved us many hours in the last couple of weeks, so I hope you'll find it handy!