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DreamBooth / LyCORIS / LORA Guide

DreamBooth / LyCORIS / LORA Guide

Hello traveler!

If you are interested in how I make the models that you can see in my collection then great news - I have made a guide that describes that process!

My original guide is still available here:

It contains one video file and a link to Rentry:

The Rentry contains all the scripts/examples that I use.

In a nutshell, what I do is simple, I train a Dreambooth checkpoint which can then later be converted to LORA and/or LyCORIS. This means that with one training you have access to all three options!

Since this is a classical Dreambooth I use a token. I do not describe the contents of the images (as is usually done in typical LORA/LyCORIS and TI training).

If you already know how to make a Dreambooth, just skip to the section about extraction.

NOTE, as of the time of creating this article (2023.05.14) one thing is outdated in the Rentry: you no longer need to get a separate tool for extracting LyCORIS. The Kohya SS already contains the tool.