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What's new this week with Civitai - 6/23/2023


What's new this week with Civitai

Scheduled Releases: Creators can now schedule a date and time for their resources to go public on the site.

Self-Moderation: Creators can now hide comments (not reviews) from their model pages. Hidden comments are still viewable, but like Reddit require an additional action from the user to see them.

Additional Resources: You can now add articles to your suggested resources. This is great if you want to include additional tutorial content for downloaders.

We have something exciting in the works for supporters to try next week. More info to come.

Community Spotlight: Resources

Though showcased for anime, this thing is great for imparting a minimalist style

I like synthesizer aesthetics. Hence I like this.

You guys are wild.

Fun Stats

3,227 New resources

10.5M Downloads (13.1PB of downloads)

10.6k New reviews

10.3k New comments

15.9k New posts

89 New articles

281 New creators

64.1k New images

193k New image reactions