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We've been pushing out a TON of lora, and we've honestly been merging and training a lot of content.

We're not giving up.

We're just taking a mini break, and it's nothing anyone's done - just we've been working ourselves to the bone --- and we're a little worn out.

We also are trying to learn new advanced tools for OUR usual level - so while we try and slow down we're also trying to pick up our learning "rate" lol - and try and gather more information how different things work.

We started our training things on stable diffusion journey back in late January.

To think it was the end of January we were on hugging face using their demos for training models - (as piss poor as some of ours are lmao) - And now it's late June? And we've been pushing out as much quality as we can learn as fast as possible.

We've picked up a sponsorship with Pirate Diffusion, and we've had a few supporters come our way this month and aid us with software costs for the large project we're working on.

We're EXTREMELY proud of not just ourselves, but our peers and everyone else working hard to make content. (No matter if it's NSFW, or SFW!)

We probably will end up being able to make something to publish this week, but if you've noticed we've had drips and drabs?

We're trying to move away from using colab, and learn new tools - of course it isn't about money saving LOL - it's just that we're running on older hardware that really in theory can't totally handle RUNNING stable diffusion.

So if you're reading this: Have a gentle reminder to take some time for yourself.

How about this?

In the comments, suggest a TV show, a youtube video or something interesting for music for either us or someone else to try!