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Alternate Worlds Encyclopedia 🌍 | Entry BT-04254

Alternate Worlds Encyclopedia 🌍 | Entry BT-04254

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Short Story:

In the alternate reality of "BT-04254," human scientific advancement led to the discovery of interactions between matter and the ethereal, resulting in contact with angels. However, the angels were resentful of mankind's perceived tainting of nature and initiated the "purification war." Caught off guard, humanity suffered significant losses, but they quickly united to defend themselves.

Harnessing the supernatural reborn as science, humans developed a gas that made angels subject to physical laws, allowing them to fight back. The war resulted in a stalemate, and angels retreated, leaving physical angels stranded on Earth. Over time, humanity reconciled its differences and evolved into a hybrid race known as the blessed humans.

The blessed humans possessed angelic features, such as white hair and wings, while retaining their human intellect and curiosity. They formed a transformed society that blended the cultures of humans and angels, utilizing "Blessed tech" that combined their inherited knowledge. Seeking to mimic the angelic domain, they built "the holy grail" and unlocked their angelic heritage through "blessed energy."

The angels, recognizing the potential of the blessed humans, initiated a second contact by opening a massive portal. This led to a reunion and exchange of knowledge between the two groups. Collaborative advancements and cultural exchanges followed, shaping the world of "BT-04254" and shifting power dynamics.

Detailed Story:

In the alternate reality of "BT-04254," humanity's scientific advancements led them to discover a breakthrough that allowed interactions between matter and the ethereal, effectively breaching the heavens. This groundbreaking achievement brought about the first contact with the angels, beings believed to inhabit the realm beyond the mortal world.

However, the initial encounter between humans and angels was far from harmonious. The angels, pure and ethereal beings, were deeply resentful of mankind's perceived tainting of nature through their scientific pursuits. Viewing humans as impure and their advancements as a threat to the delicate balance of the universe, the angels launched a devastating assault on humanity, initiating what became known as the "purification war."

Caught by surprise in the first wave of angelic attacks, humanity suffered immense losses. In a matter of three weeks, approximately 30% of the global population had perished. The sheer devastation caused by even a small number of angels demonstrated their overwhelming power and superiority over mortal beings.

However, the warring and doubtful nature of mankind had long prepared them for potential conflicts with other entities, including the angels. Humanity had contingency projects in progress, utilizing their inherent capability for creating weapons. This time, rather than using their creations against each other, the surviving humans banded together in a desperate struggle for survival.

Harnessing the newfound knowledge of the interactions between matter and the ethereal, humans developed a gas that gave angels physical properties, binding them to the laws of physics. This breakthrough leveled the playing field, enabling humans to use their weaponry against the angelic invaders.

With the help of the gas, humanity fought back against the angels with newfound determination. City after city, humans launched relentless counteroffensives, causing substantial losses among the celestial beings. The war became a stalemate, with neither side achieving a decisive victory. Realizing the futility of further assaults, the angels ultimately decided to retreat, leaving behind physical angels stranded on Earth.

In the aftermath of the "purification war," humanity experienced a profound transformation. The devastating conflict had shattered cultural and political differences that had spanned centuries. The sheer magnitude of the angelic threat had pushed humanity to set aside their grievances and unite in the face of extinction. The surviving humans, now driven by the shared goal of thriving against all odds, formed a new society.

The hybrid race born from the remnants of humanity became known as the blessed humans. They possessed angelic features, such as white hair and wings, which distinguished them from their human ancestors. However, they retained the cognitive abilities and curiosity of humans, blending the best of both worlds.

The blessed humans reshaped their culture, drawing from the knowledge and experiences of their angelic heritage. They embraced a new type of technology known as "Blessed tech," utilizing their understanding of the interactions between matter and the ethereal to create innovative advancements. Blessed tech became the cornerstone of their society, enabling them to solve complex problems and explore new frontiers.

As the blessed humans flourished, an uneasy longing began to emerge within themβ€”a desire to visit the angelic domain and explore the realms beyond Earth. In response to this longing, the blessed humans initiated a grand project known as "the holy grail." They constructed a massive space structure around the moon, filling it with "blessed energy" to create an artificial environment that mimicked the angelic domain.

Once within the artificial environment of the holy grail, the blessed humans started to unlock the dormant abilities inherited from their angelic lineage. Manifesting halos, exhibiting unlimited stamina, and accessing other angelic powers, they retained their physical form while harnessing their newfound capabilities.

Word of the blessed humans' evolution reached the angels in their ethereal realm. Recognizing the potential and the dangers posed by this emerging race, the angels made the decision to intervene once again. They opened a massive portal over the holy grail, initiating the second contact between angels and blessed humans.

The portal's opening caused a mixture of excitement and trepidation among the blessed humans. They wondered about the purpose of the angels' return and how it would shape their evolving society. The angels, in turn, sought to reconnect with the blessed humans, share further knowledge, and potentially guide them in their march of evolution.

With the reunion between the blessed humans and the angels, a new chapter of collaboration, cultural exchange, and shared advancement begins. Together, they embark on a journey to navigate the complexities of their intertwined existence, bridge the gaps between their respective cultures, and shape the future of "BT-04254" in harmony.