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Introduction to other instance tokens


Hello dear Folks!

I have uploaded today a model with a different instance token than usual:

Instead of the sks token here to get the desired results you need to use zwx token.

This was requested by several people and I wanted to do it sooner but here we are. As I understand, there are two major reasons for needing a different token:

1) so that you can create a new consistent face based on the blend of two (or more) existing faces

2) so that you can create images with more than one person in it

And I need your feedback here, is this something you are indeed interested in?

This does not affect the sks token at all - I will still be supplying the models using that token. Why?

1) with multiple models it is much easier to remember just one single token

2) with the saved styles it is not needed to modify the prompts

3) with automation it is much easier to use the shared token

4) I just grew fond of it and it is something that I am recognized with :) and also I like to prove that sks does not really generate the Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova as some people claim it does (well it can generate in like 1 in 1000 generations? :P)

I also want some feedback on what kind of alternative token you would be interested in. I can pull up the list of the unique 3-4 letter tokens but those random letters in the long run will be just tiresome to everyone.

My first suggestion is to test how it will work on a token that is the person's name without spaces, for instance, AnyaTayloyJoy, and if that is problematic then perhaps the removal of vowels (ntlr in this case, wow she has a lot of vowels :P)

What do you think?