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Getting good results using Celebrity Lora with Lora Block Weight

Getting good results using Celebrity Lora with Lora Block Weight

This is going to be a very amateurish article but I feel as though this is very useful information that may help people get better results with the celebrity Lora they use.

First of all Lora Block Weight can be found in the extensions tab of Automatic 1111 or you can find the link here.

I'm not qualified to explain how Lora Block Weight works, but if you know how Lora works (inserting dataset information between iterations), then Lora Block Weight basically decides WHEN it inserts information instead of doing every single iteration.

Once you have Lora Block Weight installed, activate it, make sure the XYZ plot is chosen and then change your lora from, for example, <lora:Ayano Omoto:1> to <lora:Ayano Omoto:1:OUTALL>. We choose OUTALL because it allows the model to create the image first focusing on details in the picture, meaning less bleed over from images used when creating the Lora. It derestricts the end result due to this reduced input from the Lora while also getting great face results at the end. However, if the results are still not to your liking, I made a secondary weight setting of my own creation.

When you install Lora Block Weight, you won't find this setting, you have to create it yourself. Go to the text box and create a new line, give it a name of your choosing, I chose "MY", and then put in the following number after it ":1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1". This one works on the face during the early stages but near the start of the middle turns off allowing for your prompts to have more weight in the final product. This is usually inferior to OUTALL but when OUTALL fails me, MY always gives the result I want. To use a custom weight setting change your lora from <lora:Ayano Omoto:1> to <lora:Ayano Omoto:1:*your weight setting name here*>, for example <lora:Ayano Omoto:1:MY>.

Here is the kind of impact this makes.


Oh brother this Lora STINKS.



I don't mean to sell myself off as an expert in the field, I'm not. If I got anything wrong or missed out crucial information, please give me feedback and I'll alter the post and credit you for your assistance.