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Ko-Fi issues

Ko-Fi issues

Hello, dear Prompters!

This is a message to my supporters on ko-fi to let you know that I haven't vanished :)

Since today/yesterday, my ko-fi has been suspended (hopefully temporarily).

I will be trying to resolve the issue. Just a heads up, that I'm not gone or anything :)

But since I'm on this topic I just wanted all to know how I operate. I train a lot of models, in fact so many that my bottleneck is in generating samples (or perhaps is that I prefer to train more models rather than let the samples be made :P)

As you know I try to upload around 15~ LyCoris per week (sometimes more) and I've also started uploading LoRas, and an occasional Dreambooth if there is a request for it.

But I train way more than 15 models per week. The last time I made a comment about my backlog I said that I had like 80 models waiting for upload. Well, now it is around 150.

And since I wrote that suggestions/requests made via ko-fi are treated with the highest priority, I couldn't let people wait for weeks to see their models uploaded. So I've made a Megaupload repository to which anyone who donated has access to it and all the requested models land there directly.

This is in addition to the models I upload regularly here. Every public model that I make will land here eventually so please do not treat it as pay walling some content :) It's just that my suggestion list is quite long (I try to put there every suggestion, made here, on Reddit, and of course on ko-fi).

This is of course a good place as any to advertise that I am willing (and have done) to train private models (as in, only you get the model) for the samples that you provide. I usually do that via the ko-fi which is currently offline.

Therefore I'm thinking of additional services (like Patreon).

Please let me know what you think about it :-)

And as usual, I will keep the models flowing :)


Edit: still waiting for ko-fi team to respond, in the meantime I've made an alternative page: