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Endless (60's PINUP FANTASY) Character Generator - PHOTOREAL (Dynamic Prompts / How to)


This prompt can generate various styles of hairstyles, hair color, dress, and various settings in the 1960's era!

Prompt: wearing a ({pencil skirt dress|milk maid dress|cocktail dress|drop waist swing dress|pleated skirt drop waist dress|sun dress|60's bikini} in {green and white|orange and gold|black|red|red and black|paisley|white|teal|purple|baby_blue}), ({upright pin curl hairstyle|straight bob|flip with headband|long curly with bangs|finger waves|flipped Bob|grecian|half ponytail bouffant|Half-Up Middle Part|big curls|long straight|ponytail|updo|Bombshell}, {blonde hair|ginger hair|auburn hair|brunette hair}), {kitchen background|dining room background|lounge background|bar background|backyard background|pool background}, large breasts:0.6, cleavage:0.4, elegant, dynamic pose, highly detailed, digital painting, smooth,charlie bowater and alexandra fomina,8k, ((detailed facial features)),((sweaty)),8k uhd,dslr,soft lighting,high quality,film grain,Fujifilm XT3, (perfect lighting, perfect shading, volumetric lighting, subsurface scattering), stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, (perfect body), (photorealistic:1.65), <lora:more_details:0.6>, (retro), (60's pinup art)

Negative: (deformed, distorted, disfigured:1.3), poorly drawn,bad anatomy,wrong anatomy,extra limb,missing limb,floating limbs,(mutated hands, mutated fingers, deformed hands, deformed fingers, extra fingers, missing fingers, extra digits, missing digits:1.6), disconnected limbs, mutation, mutated, ugly, disgusting, blurry, amputation, FastNegativeEmbedding, ((BadDream, UnrealisticDream)), (skinny,thin:1.1), nude, nipples, (((anime_badhandv4, bad-hands-5)))

Steps: 22
Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale: 7
Seed: 4166204919 (PUT ON RANDOM!)
Size: 600x912
VAE: vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned
Denoising strength: 0.36
Clip skip: 1
Hires upscale: 1.35, Hires steps: 80, Hires upscaler: 4x-UltraSharp
extras: Postprocess upscale by: 2, Postprocess upscaler: Nearest, Postprocess upscaler 2: 4x_NMKD-DigArt_10k

*** HOW TO DO THE THING!! <==================== ***

Download the model! (above / optional)

Download this extension:

Download the LORA:

Install the Extension & put the LORA in it's directory.

Hit Apply & Restart A1111 after you install it

At the bottom of Txt2Img you will see Dynamic Prompts > click the pull down make sure it's enabled.

Leave all the stock settings alone / the same!

Paste the prompt and put all the details into their respective areas.

Copy them exactly or you will not get the same output!


Add 2 or 4 or 8 or as many as you want to the BATCH COUNT :D

Make sure you have the LORA & the EMBEDDED NEGATIVES! (if you don't have them already)


If you have any questions feel free to ask. Here's some full size examples: