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LoCon (LyCoris) Bug on recent WebUI


Umm, this is a weird one and got my thinking on how to fix it for several hours...

It seems that on April-May the extensions of LoCon (deprecated now) and LyCoris (new one) got some bugs. Also WebUI was updated dragging some important LoCon problems.

Grab the video here to see everything:

Yesterday when testing my SeekGold LoCon I tested it on a previous version (May 2023 with ONLY built-In and Kohya Additional Networks) and in a new one with LoCon/LyCoris extensions installed. The results in 90% of cases are different . Sometimes similar and other really really different. The thing is it maybe x-formers, torch, extensions or all... it's very hard to say where is the issue.

Also I noticed that for LoCons the new versions of WebUI tends to drag more the strenght than anything (impacting on subtle details or making everything more noisy making you to just lower the LORA value). Older one can let you go values further than 1.x while newest is a bit more restrictive in that terms.

In the first part of the video you see a latest WebUI where LYCO extensions loads the LORA but it can't reproduce the same images. In the next part you see an old versions of WebUI replicating SAME pieces.  The second versions uses BuiltIn and Kohya to load the LoCon (Lycoris) as format LORA and even you see errors, it creates the outputs perfectly.

IMPORTANT: IT DOESN'T HAPPEN WITH LORAS. For now only LoCons (and I don't know about Lohas, you will have to test it)

Fixing? (if you want, cause you don't need to since New Lycoris extension works perfect)

1 - Backup your WebUI (just in case)
2 - go to cmd, folder Webui and type: git checkout a9eab236d7e8afa4d6205127904a385b2c43bb24
3 - If you have any extensions of A1111 Locon/Lycoris, disable/deleted them.
4 - Put your LoCon/Lycoris in your LORA folder.
5 - Load it as a LORA and see the difference.

Feel free to repost.